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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/12/2010
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Linda Pisani of Topcattery Persians

Linda Pisani of Topcattery Persians

La Crecenta, California, 91214

1st Complaint Against:
Breeder: Linda Pisani
Cattery: Topcattery Persians
Address: 2830 Highridge Road
City: La Crecenta, Ca 91214
Complaintant: Brian S. Bruns
Date: 1/28/05

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Purchased cat as healthy eating well mannered cat. We were told that he was a good eater and that he would eat a variety of wet foods with no special restrictions.

We have had him for 6 days and he has not eaten. Contact was made with breeder. During conversation she disclosed that he would only eat a special mixture that she makes, only eat off of a "flat" plate, needs a companion cat constantly and that she under no circumstance would refund our money.

None of the above was disclosed at time of purchase.She even gave us a sheet of paper listing multiple canned wet foods that he would eat. She did include the mixture that she uses but said multiple times that he did not have to eat only that mixture, he would eat other canned wet foods also. Only limitation disclosed at time of purchase was that he most likely would not eat "dry" food.

Breeder was yelling, cussing and insulting during our conversation. Breeder was told before purchase that this cat would be in a house with only one owner that worked full time, zero other pets and that specific mixture was not very practical in our situation.

Not only did she not disclose his need for constant companionship but she assured us that he would eat other "wet" food with no special plate shape restrictions.

She now claims that she has never had a cat that ate "canned wet" food. Ultimately we want to keep the cat but don't want to risk his health. In the interest of the cat we would like to take him back to her where he feels comfortable but she is unwilling to help us out.

Buyers 2nd response to Topcattery. Regarding the reason his price was reduced. She wrote a note at the bottom of the agreement that he is reduced for the tipping tongue and his shaved belly, not his age.

This doesn't factor in the eating issue but I want all the facts straight. We have proof if you need it. He is not 6 months old he is 8 months old. We were told via email that he was only 4 to 5 months old. Regarding the return policy, I would consider this a LIFE THREATENING ISSUE. The lack of proper nutrition/ care of buyer, is irrelevant because he wouldn't even eat her food that was sent with us. Explain our responsibility on that one. We are attempting to feed him many different things including a mixture that Linda asked us to try(in conversation this morning) He still won't eat it.

Yes she gave us a copy of the mixture she uses. She failed to mention that at the bottom it has a list of other "canned food" that she said was a good alternative to her mixture. I asked and clarified at least twice to verify his diet. We were perfectly fine with the instructions because we were told he would eat other "canned food." She keeps bringing up the dry food issue. Again totally irrelevant. We stated that in the complaint. We waited four days to call because we were advised by our vet that a few days is not out of the ordinary for a cat that has been moved.

She never called my mother-in-law. No messages, no missed calls, no caller ID. My wife got very upset, after being told that by Linda that she didn't care nor had any compassion for our family and the loss of our family member 3 weeks ago. I would think that a breeder of 25 years would take pride in happy customers and guarantee her cats without deceiving buyers. I did state that we do not want to get rid of the cat. He is our pet, we love him. However we will return him back because of the feeding issue. Is returning him our preference or the best case scenario, "NO". What choice do we have? Dead cat or return him. My questions for Linda are, if he is used to a companion, why didn't you say something when we told you, on a few occasions, he would be alone, or when I (Brian) first called to tell you we were having a problem.

All that was said to me is "that is ridiculous, I will not give your money back." No suggestions, no help(as you had offered to do when we picked him up). Just a cold brush off like it is no longer your responsibility.

Cats refuse food, yes. For a 6 day time period there is a problem. My mother in law wants her money back. But she is more concerned with the cats health. She walked in to find her son dead 3 weeks ago. The last thing she needs to find is her cat dead also. She is putting the cat ahead of herself.

I find it funny that she is trying to look like such a humanitarian and saying that she was "CONSIDERING" finding us another cat. Well it could have changed things if she would have offered that to us. We wouldn't be asking for our $400 and another cat. She is trying to make herself look good. It seems to me there is a problem with her communication.

She failed to tell us all the "restrictions" of this cat, she failed to call my mother-in-law, she didn't offer any help when I informed her of the problem, she made statements in phone conversations that DID NOT agree with her prior statements, she is blaming us when we are trying to feed him the same food that she did, and she NEVER offered to find us another cat.

At this point I wouldn't trust her to find us another cat. Regarding the slander issue. I did not file this complaint to ruin a reputation, I filed this complaint to have a independent party hear our case and suggest a resolution. I don't want her turn around and deceive someone else.The resolution is what we have asked for all along. I want what ever done so that other potential buyers know what they are getting into. Thank you............I just sent a rebuttal to her rebuttal. Please do whatever you can. This lady is out of control and is trying to manipulate my mother-in-law(a depressed, disabled woman) into returning him for free. She did not offer to address this issue for the next few days. She said she would take him back for no money tomorrow only.
Brian Bruns


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