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  • Submitted: 07/12/2010
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Laura Rando of BluesCats cattery

Laura Rando of BluesCats cattery

unknown, California

Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 11:49 PM
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Hello Diane,
Last year I had a huge blow out with Roberta Beller from Chivalry Siamese, she is associated with Louis
from Permes Cattery, as well as BluesCats, Glasslipper, Obsession Cattery, Shoobox Cattery, and one
other that escapes me. I do not associate, nor condone the behavior that they display. They are mean,
back stabbing, awful people that have done nothing good for the breed. I was once good friends with
the girl from Obsession cattery, and have much inside knowledge to the workings of these above listed
catteries...they are nothing more than high priced kitten mills. Inbreeding is prevalent, as well as birth
defects. One of shooting cattery, associated with Permes, asked me about trading a kitten once...they
asked if I would be ok with them "hanging papers"... so much for a pedigree that is true, and correct
huh? Needless to say I didn't bother to return emails.


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