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  • Submitted: 07/12/2010
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Visionmax LCD Projector HDMI 1080p

Visionmax LCD Projector HDMI 1080p

Scammer's, Grifter, Hustlers whatever you choose to call them they prey on the uninformed and greedy! The goal of this page is to educate and urge people to be value minded rather than greedy. The old, old adage, "If its too good to be true, then it probably is.", is more prevalent today than ever. Do your homework on the product and know that you are NOT getting what is advertised. These systems are never HD. They are low quality speakers. The "HDMI" ports do NOT work. They are NOT compatible with today's advance audio/video setups. The systems that are quality are the one we are all familiar with.
As people become more aware that these brands are scams, the companies then change the name of the "brand". Most of the "brands" here are the same product with the same pictures on their websites. One thing in common with all of these "Scam Brands" is that their fake websites never have a contact phone number, only e-mail contacts which are never monitored. If an address appears on their website, it is not a valid website. These companies that produce these junk systems, which are commonly projectors, home theaters, home cinemas, surround sound systems, ect., are very good at the marketing aspect of what they do. As previously mentioned they produce very professional websites with no way to actually contact anyone, they issue warranties that you have no actual way of utilizing, they create very professional packages for their systems with very inflated MSRPs in relation to the actual value of the systems. If you find these systems on never buy without opening the box and demonstrating the product. They will work but at a very low quality.
Besides selling these junk brands on craigslist or e-Bay the more common way these items are being sold are on the street. Here is the scenario: Two, sometime three guys in a van (commonly white) or SUV will pull up to you at a gas station, Best Buy, Target or just about anywhere and ask you, very humbly and acting somewhat embarrassed, if you would be interested in a home theater, home cinema, surround sound system or whatever it is they're trying to hustle. They'll tell you that they're on their way to a job site to install or deliver these high end systems. When they arrived at the warehouse or store to pick up the system they were accidentally give more product than was on the invoice. They then say that if they arrive at the site with the extra systems their boss will just take for himself and money selling it. All he'll do is give them $50 each to keep their mouths shut. Why let their boss make the money, so they tell you they have nowhere to stash it so they need to unload it now before they get to the job site. Now this is the good part. They then show you the item (making sure you notice the MSRP ranging from $1,999 up to $6,999 depending the system), they go so far as to show you a catalog that highlights the system. They will ask for any offer or they might suggest you offer $1,000 but they will take as low as $150.
Remembers, these ads and websites are fake with no substance, these companies that propagate the scams make a great deal of money off these cheap systems. These systems only cost them $25 - $125 to import.

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Visionmax LCD Projector HDMI 1080p


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