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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/12/2010
  • Severity: 7

Christine Sierra Love aka Christine Collins

Pay It Forward Riches

Reno, Nevada

People are so gullible, including myself one more time! I believed this woman was very spiritual and savvy from her Myspace story and other sources i knew of her. Christine Sierra Love took $75 form at least 2500 people in 3 weeks and we never heard from her again. She received around $187,000 in less than a month, which some people desperately used from their food money!

All communications have been shut down after she said the authorities were investigating and she was working out the kinks. She assured us that she was an experienced expert in gifting programs and GUARANTEED in all of her emails, calls and website (i have the recordings and copies) that we would turn $75 into $6,000 plus in a very short time and that she done all her homework on making it completely legal. Then she did really stupid, blatant, basic mistakes like using Paypal for processing the initial payments which froze people's accounts (they clearly state they don't allow this sort of transaction), and using the UPS and postal service for conspicuous, daily, extreme volumes of overnight mail sent to her address in huge envelopes, causing further red flags.

Either this woman is an idiot or a merciless scam artist, playing on her spiritual rebirth and emotional recovery story as a bait. In either case, she was reckless and irresponsible and hurt a lot of people- not only what small money they might have had left to their names in this economy, but their faith in others and in finding alternative ways to legitimately help each other survive and thrive. It's sad, and criminal.


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  • gotyah
  • Submitted: 05/20/2011
why are all of the other postings regarding this liying piece of %$#@ missing from every other site? has any one reported her to the local authorities? this is the only posting i found regarding her. a few days ago all you had to do was type in her name and pleanty of her scamming information would come up. what is going on? this woman wasnt feeding the hungry in reno nv she wasnt trying to help anyone but herself. i looked her up found her address in fallon nv 2575 soda lake rd. shes living there with her mother. they are trying to rent the house that they have made bigger with the moneys stolen from the people in reno. how did i find hr? well i responded to a rental add that was posed on craigs list. the people next door might be her relatives as well. christine needs to be put in jail. being that shes a previous convict it shouldnt be hard st all.
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You know what I can't believe people.... They is really taking up for this woman. Wow....this is unbelievable. She took food out of your kids mouth and she took money out of your home. She took from the elderly. This woman is a thief, scam artist, and she stole money from people that was expecting some what of a return but to get nothing and she leave with over a $100,000 dollars. Yall must be crazy. Gene 21 need to get the hell out of here. I was told that you is Christine Sierra Love. One thing I want Ms. Love to know is that I know what you look like and I know where you live at. So you better watch out because you stole a lot of money from people . I want justice and I won't stop until I find you. I hope you are repenting right now because there are 7 things that God Hates . Two of them is a liar and a prideful person. You are operating in both, Christine you need to get yourself together and give people their money back. Justice will come, either by the authorities or God HIMSELF.....
Thank you for taking the time to read my official statement.

It is long past due.

I heard about these few negative reviews a few weeks after they were posted. I was hurt and confused.

I wanted to reply and let everyone know that I was the same person that they trusted...I hadn’t left them...I still cared.

But I didn’t reply...

I couldn’t...

But it was a mistake to stay silent for so long.

The bottom line is that I believed in the concept of “cash gifting” so much that it was like a religion for me.

Then...I found out that my “religion” was illegal...I could be prosecuted...sent to prison...away from my two and three year old baby girls...

I didn’t know what to do...

So I shut everything down.

I still can’t speak on the “specifics” because it is still a sensitive legal situation; however, you deserve some type of response and I pray that you accept my words as they are coming from my heart.

Out of the thousands and thousands of people that I helped, possibly seven of them created scam reports on my good name. I say possibly because they have the same “sound” so one person may have written all seven reports...

I’ll never know because all of the reports are posted by “Anonymous” authors.

Anyway, I will post this exact same statement on all of the reports and let those who know me and what I’ve contributed to the community come to their own conclusions.

First of all, I have to thank the people that took a stand and spoke up for me. I trust that you were with me for quite some time, unlike the people (or person) who has written the scam reports, you really know who I am as a person. Your continued faith, in-spite of the circumstances...and my silence, is humbling.

Thank you.

If you have ever felt like there was no hope and you were in a permanent state of darkness then you know what the last year and a half has been like for me...

I’ve had some very dark days in my life...but nothing...NOTHING...was as spiritually defeating as being in the position of possibly losing my two baby girls for doing what I believed was my purpose in life.

In my my soul...I believed “gifting” was my life’s mission. I believed in the spiritual principles that gifting is based upon and for years I committed my life to spreading the vision...then June of last year it all came crumbling down.

I was confronted with the reality far as the law was concerned...I was participating in an illegal activity.

I was crushed.

I was scared.

My children were at risk.

...and I was looking at the possibility of prison.

The only thing I could think to do was to shut everything down.

This was not an easy decision...but the alternative of going to prison and losing my children was not an option for me.

Tens of thousands of dollars had already been spent to set the “activity” up...thousands and thousands of dollars for the programming...thousands and thousands of dollars for the website design...thousands and thousands of dollars for advertising...and other expenses...

All of it was gone at the push of a few buttons. (Continued on next post)
...and if you were part of my team over the years, you know of the hours and hours of free video tutorials that I created for you. The free pdf reports that I wrote to help you be successful. The free recorded daily conference calls that I had...sometimes three times a train and inspire you. The free social network site that I set up so we could easily communicate with one another. The free websites that I set up and let you brand yourself with your pictures, videos, and other personal information so you could spread the word about our “activity”. All of this I did for free to support fellowship of “gifters”.

This was years and years of work...all of it gone. Again, at the push of a few buttons.

Yes, I decided to push the buttons but what choice did I have.

I loved “gifting” and everything thing about it. I loved the biblical principle of giving and receiving...of sowing and reaping. I loved our community! It was my home away from home. It was my dream come true...

Until it became a nightmare.

I have no doubt that the people or person who wrote the scam reports on me did not understand the spiritual principles that “gifting” is based upon. They were participating in our “activity” strictly for financial gain and that is the reason they are upset. The $75 was not a gift for was not made in the spirit of “gifting”...they didn’t belong in our community because they didn’t understand our values.

It’s ok. I understand. In truth, I have to take responsibility for letting the “outsiders” in...and I have to take responsibility for doing a lot of other things “wrong”...

ie. Using PayPal
ie. Using The US Postal Service
ie. Not requiring a “gifting statement”

I went against all of the fundamentals of “gifting” activities.


Because my thinking was...

If what I’m doing is legal, why can’t I use PayPal?

If what I’m doing is legal, why can’t I use the US Postal Service?

If what I’m doing is legal, why do I need a gifting statement? I don’t have my family sign a gifting statement when I give them a why should I require it?

I now know why.

In the eyes of the law, “cash gifting activities” are illegal...period.

As much as I loved the spiritual principles “gifting” is based upon, I am not willing to lose my children and go to prison for it.

I did my best.

I failed.

I am sorry.

I ask for your forgiveness.

If you give it, I am grateful.

If you do not, I understand.

There were some statements made regarding my “real” name. Clark was my mother’s last name which I have never used. I was born Christine Collins. I was married but didn’t take, Crayton, my ex-husbands name. When I divorced, I legally changed my last name to Love.

I was always taught that “God is Love” and I wanted my children to know their true Father so I gave them His name so they would always know that their Father would never leave nor forsake them as their biological father did.

It is true that I left my home in Reno. I moved in with my parents so that my children would be taken care of if I had to go to prison. I was not running...I was protecting my children....I will not apologize for doing the right thing for my two baby girls.

There was a claim that I received $187k in less than a month. This is not true. There were many thousands of people in my free social network but only a portion of them were going to participate in the “activity” that we were starting.

The funds received were used to set up the “activity”. We were attempting to put together an “activity” that was new and never done before...the programming and all the other moving parts were costly. As stated above, multiple tens of thousands of dollars was spent developing and getting ready to launch the forsaken “activity.”

In addition to that, many people received their packages back. I’m sorry if you were not one of those many people.

This was a bad situation for everyone involved.

You may have lost $75 but I lost everything I home, my lifestyle, and more than a decade of contribution to the gifting community.

I apologize for your loss...and grieve my own.

This statement is not an excuse for the failure of the “gifting” situation...just an explanation. I needed to “officially” close this chapter of my life and this statement is closure for me...I will not be revisiting this issue again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement. I do appreciate you.

Christine Sierra Love

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