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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/22/2010
  • Severity: 9

Colier Kelvin

Nigerian Dating Scheme

London, LCN

On Facebook, Colier Kelvin describes himself as a UK Citizen working in Nigeria. His picture is of a nice looking older caucasian genetlemen in a suit and tie. His come on is he saw your picture on Facebook, and thought that he would like to know you better. If you bite, he start with IM on Facebook, and will chat for hours if you let him. At first he is friendly, but he is always asking questions. If you ask him questions, he changes the subject. As the plot thickens, he will begin to ask very personal financial information llike whether you own your own home, how much is it worth, etc. At the same time he will also start leaving very "intense" love letters, including the fact that he would like to marry the victim. When you stop responding or ignore his IM's the messages become very desparate, and he insists he's going crazy because he you won't acknowlede him. Note: I didn't fall for any of this, as I knew what was going on, and Googled him where I found him on another social network, I put in his name, and found it with his name but a picture of a different man, much younger, heavy-set, not even a close match. His dating info. had him living in Abadu, Nigeria. I also Google, and apparently it is a haven for scammers! I'm sorry I didn't save his image, but if you Google "Colier Kelvin" it is not hard to find his Facebook or pictures. Google will ask you to clarify if it is "Collier" or "Colier." His "name" has only one "L" in it. Good luck, and get this predatory S.O.B. off the Internet.


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