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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/22/2010
  • Severity: 10

Aviva Rosen (Millan)

Con artist

Porter Ranch, California

Aviva Millan and her husband have both been taking advantage of people for years now. As another writer indicated they have been operating numerious business scams wherein they take a person's money and fail to deliver the goods that have been paid for. Our experience was with WC Interiors in Simi Valley before they moved to Porter Ranch and became Wholesale Custom Kitchens. We bought furniture, paid for it in full and never received a thing.

A simple check with BBB, TrustLink, and Los Angeles County and Ventura County Superior court websites will show some of the small claims, civil, and criminal charges filed against them. It appears that this has been going on for a very long time.

To check court records key in the names of Aviva Rosen, Aviva Millan, David Millan, WC Interiors, West Coast Imports, The Skys the Limit, and Furniture Design. To check her criminal record simply go on Ventura County Superior Court website. Click on public access, click on case inquiries and then scroll down to criminal records. Her record will appear under Aviva Rosen. Her date of birth is 07/17/1967. You will need her date of birth to see these records.


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  • Rich D
  • Submitted: 08/18/2011
DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Aviva Rosen, or Aviva Millan, or Vee, or Furniture and Design ,or whatever she calls herself. She is an unethical thief. My wife and I purchased furniture and wood flooring from her in January of 2011. The purchase order said delivery included, but we were hit with a $250 delivery charge, which my very pregnant wife paid, after Aviva threatened to keep the furniture we paid for. The purchase order says mattresses included, but when my wife called to inquire about the overpayment, Aviva didn’t return the call until AFTER she cashed the checks, and then denied writing that the mattresses were included. As far as the wood flooring … we didn’t receive that until August 16, 2011. Aviva’s excuses as to why she couldn’t produce the flooring I paid for included: 2 deaths, multiple medical problems, pregnancy issues, financial issues, and supply issues ...most of which I believe are lies. At one point, she wanted ME to take $400 to downtown Los Angeles and retrieve the flooring that I paid her $650 for. I ended up having to contact the company where she purchased the flooring and pay the $75 for delivery myself because Aviva couldn’t afford to pay it herself.
Aviva Rosen is dishonest, unethical, and may possibly be mentally unstable.
Check the internet … read about her ...then RUN AWAY … FAST!

As a fellow victim of Aviva Rosen Millan I have good news. As you know “vee” is in the business of scamming people out of their money through her corrupt furniture/kitchen/home decorating business. The business goes by different names including West Coast Imports, Wholesale Custom Kitchens and WC Cabinets. Aviva is soon coming into a large amount of money through settlement of an auto accident claim. This is money that she owes to us. This has been going on for years.....This is what we need to do...
Go to the website http:/ / it will explain the process of getting a court judgement for the money you were scammed out of. If you already have a judgement it will explain how to collect the money by conducting a debtors examination. Do this soon as possible, by law her and/or her attorney must respond.
The attorney for the auto accident claim is Steven Rein (ca bar #45810) address is 1965 Yosemite Ave. Suite 118 Simi Valley, Ca. phone # (805)306-0300 Fax (805) 306-0180 email Let him know how Vee has scammed you and send him your claims and judgements. He may be required to deposit the proceeds of her settlement with the court until judgements are paid.
Aviva will be in court in Chatsworth on September 22nd at 8:30. If you would like to testify against her character please contact This would also be great opportunity to serve her notice of debtors examination.
Contact investigative reporter C.J. Ward at He has run several stories on her fraud and would like to hear yours. Check out the website to see the stories. He should be at the hearing on the 22nd.
Contact the Bureau of investigation /Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office at (213) 974-3612
Contact Ventura County District Attorney fraud unit at (805)662-1750 or tell them you will cooperate with their investigation
Whether it was last week or a few years ago don’t remain a victim of this liar, thief and con artist!! PRINT THIS PAGE ASAP and feel free to pass info along to other sites and people who may have been unfortunate enough to do business with her . comments or questions

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