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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/23/2010
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Jesse Foote

Jesse Foote Owes 150 People Money For Electric Accounts

Suffern, New York

This guy or tool bag Jesse Foote a former football player from Hofstra, owes so many people money from Hudson Energy and Liberty Power. You go out and sell accounts wait to get paid and poof there are a million excuses and he never pays anyone.

He has been reported to the energy supply companies and the board of public utilities but nothing has happened to him.. He is still training and giving rate quotes to sales guys that need money to support their families and this guy Jesse Foote just takes complete advantage of that.

If you see him or meet him at a training run from him he will NEVER CUT A CHECK! If you are Google him ask him about why he never pays call Abe at Hudson get the answer we have nothing to do with that!!!


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Listen up guys, This former Hofstra football star is not a scammer, he is a saint. Once upon a time I worked for this borderline hero as a telemarketer. I was really down on my luck, and I sold my first energy contract, he lent me $20 the beginning of that friday morning to help pay for diapers and formula for my baby. The next saturday morning he beat down my door looking for the $62.53 he lent me. When I told him I didn't have it, and the amount was only $20, he kicked my dog in the head, drank my baby's formula, dangled my baby out of the third story apartment window and said "there are no half pregnant women running around, right?" I said "Yes", he closed me. He then tossed my baby back to me and strutted out of the house fist pumping yelling DEALS all the way down the block. This was a great lesson in personal responsibility.

One time there was a young and slender black lady chatting on her cell, when she should have been making DEALS!. He then asked her very politely, "can you follow directions?". She replied, "Yes Mr. Foote!", He said "Great!, go get my lunch from the car" She began to get up from her chair and walk towards the door, he then grabbed her by her pony tail, yelled "not that way bitch" and flung her out the window. Luckily her fall was broken by a ledge, then a light post and then an empty trash can, when her descent was complete he fist pumped and roared "Now Thats A Deal!"

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