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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/24/2010
  • Severity: 10

Peter Bamo, Chuck Peter Bamo, Peter Blaze

Scammer turns to petty extortion with more to come...

Worthing, SXE, Lagos, Nigeria

Peter Bamo is the man whose modus operandi until lately has been to get on a social site to find a mark; the remove photo and all his info and develop over time the mark for his current scheme. In Nov he praised me for helping him find two Liverpool flats left him and an 80 acre farm ouside Lagos, Nigeria. As I was leaving the hospital at Christmas he casually asked for $3,600-5,000 U$D. He had me set up 4 bank accounts in the US for the alleged 8.8 million for the farm, but could never fund them as his accounts were frozen. NOW HE HAS TURNED TO PETTY EXTORTION with this email: FORGIVE ALL THE ERRORS 07.22.10 "Hello misha I hope you are doing good... well i must say i was glad i talked to you tonite... even though i still hurt from what u did to me. i know i will get over it soon. let me get straight to what i have to say. For me to be able to really trust you again i want you to do one of the thibs [sic] you fear most. whicj is ending money to Nigeria.The country is not really that bad, peope welcome me with open arms hee. .. maybe it because am a rich guy. Pls i want you to know that i dont need your money but i need you to do it so i wil know you aint afraid. so what you wil do now is to send any amount between 60-300 usd. After u do that we will move on to the next and final step of my test for you and if u passed that too i might show up on your door step. If you are up for this then tell me so i can give you details to send the money to... i Hope to hear a positive reply. MY REPLY WAS NEGATIVE. I had praised him on Bampet FurnitureS and he got weird, Google says The fake job offer fraud - Web Deceit, Bamo Furnitures Company, South Afrida, Peter; also another listing Caution the fake job scam, Thames Court, Bamo Furnitures Company... well from the above email, had I passed the test I would have another extortion to endurre. Peter wanted to send 3 boxes to my home on "secret trucks so the Nigerian government doesn't snoop through my stuff," included would be at least Sapphires as I informed him they were prevalent in Southern Nigeria near the farm he allegedly sold. I turned him over to 5 Federal and one local agency after the money laundering and my home is watched and all account number and info give him are transposed. Ironically we for 5 months txt or emailed or phoned or chatted IM and he never mentioned Queens College in Flushing, NY when I told him how I wanted to show him Manhattan, but it is on his new Facebook. He dropped all the 2nd set of photos, has gained about 20 lbs, looks good and wants to experience the American Dream. I wish him well, he certainly will not be looking me up or spending time at my location although all his IP addresses are now generated from the nearest town of a hundred thousand people near me. Living in the Angeles National Forest, we have our pistols to shotguns and in this affluent community look out for one another and local sheriffs have had my home watched since the Sunday revolt March 7t, 2010 FROM WORTHING IN UK TO LAGOS NIGERIA.

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Scammer turns to petty extortion with more to come... Scammer turns to petty extortion with more to come... Scammer turns to petty extortion with more to come...


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