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Ferrara's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Pizza fit for a Rat

Lantana, Florida

I'm starving and i spot this pizza place on Lantana rd. so I go in and order a pepperoni pizza . I pay for the pie , set the pie on passenger seat and off i go to chow down. I get home pop the lid open and cant believe what I see. The f***ing pie has like a quarter of an inch of grease/oil floating on the surface of it. Im p**sed but hungry and I just spent 11 bucks for the pie so like a fool i drain the valdize oil spill off the thing and chow down. "Bad move". It tasted funky but i was famished. Two hours later i feel my stomach doing flips and have to make a dash for the cr**per. " That was f***ing torture"!!! My a** hurt for two days after "dumping" that garbage and my gut felt like It had been reamed it out with steel wool ." I wouldnt feed that s*** to my dog".
"No plans on eating there again" !!!


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That might be the funniest thing I have ever read.. Big Daddy, you are the man. Im staying away from that place.
the funniest thing is that place has been open and toturing people for like 15 years... how it stays open is amazing.
That sounds like a good pizza to feed your girlfriend before you break up.

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