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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/30/2010
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Morris Sutherland

Beware 2

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Morris Sutherland tells us lots of stories but same info mixed around. It all starts from a dating website and he deletes his profile immediately. He claims soon after you start talking he has won a contract job from Chevron that he must leave the US to go to Aberdeen, Scotland. He will try to send you the job certificate and contract page--Chevron confirmed that these are bogus. He will claim he has found his soul-mate in you and wants to spend rest of his life with only you. He said he was born in Canada, mother from Spain and now living there, divorced and has a daughter in boarding school. Each of us gets a variation of the ex story. and where they lived and his only sister lives. I didn't ask much about the ex but I was told she abandoned them when his daughter was 5. and she supposedly turned 13 July 5th. He told me his birthday was in June. He was rushing to get the job done to hurry home to be with me to start our lives together crap. But realizes soon that he is short of octane to finish the job and needed 30 more and its gonna cost him $5000 each octane he has to buy. Bank only will loan so much and his savings combined, only short $20,000. gets all but 5,000 of it and can I help him in any way. If I can, he will repay me and the amount he will get paid from finishing will be so much we will be quite happy...He will also send you a "copy" of his flight itinerary home. It is just a price quote. the note he puts in there is to hopefully make you believe he bought his ticket. I did research on a car he sent a pic of to one lady I talked with, his car is a picture that someone posted on their Facebook and he copied their pic. I talked to the owner personally. When he is confronted by anything you find, he will claim that person is out to get him or some crap. Also, none of his emails are from where he said he is supposed to be. Learn to track your email headers and archive your instant message conversations!! I was lucky I did not lose any money to him but unfortunately there are some who have.

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