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Allan Fox

ADA Code Scam Artist-700 form lawsuits

North Palm Beach, Florida

Allan Fox is the wheelchair bandit. He exploits the ADA Handicap code to make money for himself and his scumbag law firm that he works with. This wheelchair bound man has partnered with the law firm Arelio and Associates in North Palm Beach to send out form lawsuits to hundreds of properties in Palm Beach County and South Florida. They have a form lawsuit that says there is a ADA violation and you are being sued. They haven't even been to the properties they are suing. They just file the lawsuit and hopefully when they send out their ADA specialist, they find something...and they always find something. According to ADA code, they are entitled to attorney fees. So they get a list of properties and send out the same lawsuit, just replacing the address and owner names. They collect attorney fees and split it with the wheelchair guy. This is total bullsh*t and the reason why our legal system is ruined with garbage lawsuits. These people are the scum of the earth and should not be allowed to practice law and Allan Fox doesn't deserve the wheelchair he rides around in.


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