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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/21/2010
  • Severity: 10

Amthor Financial

Amthor Financial Scam Beware 800-330-5530

Baltimore, Maryland, 21201

I got a call regarding a personal loan I was applying for.The name of the company was Amthor Financial I sent in my documents and the signed contract.The associate I was dealing with Jeffery Silverman told me to send the $750 which was suppose to cover five prepayments for my loan.I Had the choose to send check or money order or Western Union which meant the funds would be deposited in 24hours.I choose western union it was sent to a person in Cananda which should have been a red flag but I sent it .The $5000 was suppose to be put in account 24 hours later.That was Tuesday 8/17 at 12:00.I called my bank at 12:00 8/18 when nothing was put in.I called Jefferey no answer.Then I got a call from Eddie Falco in accounting who said there was a problem with the contract and instead of five months I was suppose to pay nine months so they need another $600 and if I do it they will up the loan to $7000.I said I don't have that type of money and the said the would send me a certified check 3-5 business days.I then called to ask why do I have to wait so long if I sent it western union.I then I also started looking at the signed loan and thought how was there a mistake if that was printed I have called Jeffery Silverman a total of 4 times and the customer service a two tomes with no response.


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