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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 08/21/2010
  • Severity: 10

Posing as/Kaitlyn Brown

Love and Marriage

San Pedro, California

Months of emails
Then plane ticket
Then more money
I doubted
but my brain gave way
found picture a day late!!!!!!
one day too
late, her face in the first
Cost me a grand
Sucker me
This devil
prayed with me!!!!

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Love and Marriage


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I am in contact with a similar person, going as a woman in Ohio. She is going by the name Joy. Just started talking by Yahoo chat. Long hours, has many deep and meaningful words. She sent me some pictures, but not one like you posted on this website. She looks pretty close to that picture, but a little darker skin. Could you post any more pictures she may have sent you. When you bought plane ticket, did she actually come see you, or did she cancel. Just curious, she has not asked for plane ticket yet. Let me know any thing else about her you have. Thank you so much. Bryan
What dating website did you see/meet her on? What are her methods. Thanks
Thats my wife!!!
Unfortunately these scams are not new and have been around for years. They are called "sweetheart scams" (Google it for more guys/girls). MOST of them are from Nigeria, but say they are from the US doing business overseas. They fall instantly in love with you and then start asking for money. They usually say they are widowers and have a kid. And yes, they troll the dating sites and pay for memberships. Best to only date/meet local people and don't buy into the stories that they are overseas on business. And NEVER send them money!!
Yep,apparently this chick is still at this scam. After about a month of emails and chatting (she fell madly in love after the first email) she finally asked for money. Didn't send her any, but egged her on by saying I must of screwed up the Western Union Number. She tells you she is in Ohio going to school. Then somehow she must go to Nigeria right away. Then asks to send money again, to Nigeria. They never ask you to send money to their address, always by Western Union, and always to a name that is their real name, but they say it is their guardian. She? They will spend hours chatting , which seems like a real waste of their time, when probably 20 minutes of deep love chatting would probably work. She also sent me 3 pictures which I discovered were downloaded from I'm sure they use pics from other sites as well. All in all I guess I am one of the lucky ones because I caught on to their game before any money changed hands. After telling her that I was on to her scam and she fessed up she still asked if I could help her out. Amazing!! After about a week, I actually got emails from 2 girls with the same ways of talking and expressions. I guess they try to scam so many men they can't keep track of them all. They use expressions "why are you silent with me:? " Whats good"? and says she likes to play video games. I hope this has helped someone to save themselves a lot of money and heartache.

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