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  • Submitted: 08/21/2010
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Supreme Marketing Strategies

"Supreme Marketing Strategies" (Predators)

Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251

(Supreme Marketing Strategies)
Pirates Of The Internet
You Be The Judge!
My horrid relationship/business venture with Supreme Marketing Strategies goes like this:
I received a call from a sales rep., which went over the prices of the initial packages and what you get with each one. One of the differences in the packages is the amount of affiliates you get with each.
The initial start up package I got was $299.00, with that package you are supposed to receive three affiliates if you buy a package with a coach, but I will come back to that later.
I receive a call from, what they call a coach, who goes over more in detail about everything.
He is one of two managers listed on their LLC and his name is Ovie Emeofa. Before I signed up, he goes on and on verbally and is very adamant about how much you can make a month, depending on how much money you put down, and he says that they will handle all of the marketing of my site.
He said there were no requirements from me, except the money of course.
The site is basically an E-Commerce store and the premise is that I will make commissions off the sales from Amazon, Clickbank, and Google Adsense through my site.
I decided to put down $9500, because he had told me verbally over and over that he would make me $2500 a month with that package, from the first month on.
Of course they now deny ever telling me that they ever told me that I would make $2500 a month starting the first month. They say that they have heard the audio and they call me delusional, so I say great, let me hear the audio and I get no kind of response from them.
I have asked them over and over for that audio before I signed with them and I have received nothing.
I became more and more suspicious, obviously I had not come remotely close to the $2500 a month, as Ovie had told me, but believe it or not, that was not the main thing that bothered me.
All along I had asked Ovie questions and he really never had an answer for me, so I had finally told him that I thought it was time for us to go our separate ways and let me have my money back for leads they never showed me proof or tracking of.
I then went on to ask him for proof of these Leads, SEO, and Search Engine Submissions that I had never received.
I just wanted proof that they were doing what they said they were doing for the $9800 that I spent with them. He hung up on me and terminated our relationship.
I paid $9800 and he hung up on me, because I asked him to show me proof of what they were doing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
In my opinion from a marketing aspect, my e-commerce site was a hack job. It was as if they just threw some graphics up with some banner links with no marketing concept.
There are no contextual ads.
In my opinion I feel everything they did on my site was a half-ass, amateur, shotty, and sloppy marketing job, in fact there was no marketing that I could see.
There was no marketing campaign. It’s as if they did not even try to bring people to my site.
They charged me $9500 for 5000 leads that I have NEVER seen or had proof of. No tracking at all.
No tracking of their call blasts.
The coding was cut in half, NO KEYWORDS, NO META TAGS, NO PAGE RANK, ZERO SEO and I mean ZERO.
I think the ZERO SEO is what bothered me the most along with the fact that they never showed proof or answered questions of what they were doing.
I can understand not being able to make people buy products from your site, but zero visitors to the site. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?
They only do one post a week, copy the posts word for word and I mean everything, so for example if the word count for the post is 351, they even copy that. You will have Word Count: 351 and then the post.
These posts are years old, duplicated content, so what does that equal, I would say zero visitors, it does not help you in google, and lazy marketing.
I go to Google Analytics and I see ZERO visitors, bounce rate, pageviews, zero keyword and adword campaigns, zero on everything. It does not match up or even come close to their back office.
My main issue was that I did not see where they even tried to do any SEO at all to my site.
On the invoices that act as their contract, they have Back Office with blog training and tools, three Major Affiliates, 5000 Leads, 500 Search Engine Submissions, and I already mentioned the SEO.
I do not trust them with their Back Office; it includes graphics that I wonder if they don’t just rig up themselves with flash based content links and javascript links that spiders pick up. They did not give me a code so I could receive up to the minute tracking.
My point is their Back Office and my Google Analytics to the e-commerce site that I alone had installed as plug-in, are very inconsistent. I show zero for visitors on Google Analytics.
I NEVER received the tracking or proof of Leads, SEO, call blasts, and Search Engine Submissions that they have on their invoices. There is no real time activity or tracking at all of what they do.
NO proof of anything, at least none, which I received and I have asked over and over for this.
Of the three Major Affiliates I have. The coding was cut in half on Amazon. There are no affiliate links or exit links from my site to Clickbank and Google Adsense. Nothing integrating my site to these affiliates services or products.
In fact all they did was set me up with a username and password with these affiliates and nothing else. No back links, no tagging, no keywords to bring people to my site.
They say in their Terms and Conditions, Section III. Delivery and Statistics that you will receive weekly updates on the progress of your website and/or materials going out to you.
I NEVER once received any of this.
Ovie made it very hard to get a hold of him by phone. Days and sometimes even a couple weeks would go by before I could get a hold of him.
I felt like I was the one babysitting them when they are supposed to be the professionals because they were doing nothing relevant to bring SEO to my site, which is on their invoice.
I sent Ovie and support@ Supreme Marketing Strategies an email regarding issues I discussed here and Ovie fired back in his emails to me NEVER answering one question, but attacking me, demeaning me, and telling me what an idiot I am.
Once again he NEVER answered a single question I had.
He was a very nasty individual towards me. He denies many things he says, but I do have proof of inconsistencies in his emails. Going back on his word is a pattern with him and he represents this company on his LLC.
After dealing with Ovie, I dealt with another person for one month claiming to be Jason Coles, who said he was the General Manager. I say this because his own IT person Brandon, who Jason talked about constantly, did not know that name when I mentioned it to Brandon. I have a suspicion his real name is Brian McKee.
After asking them for three months for my proof and tracking of leads, call blasts, search engine submissions, and SEO which were on my invoices and I should have had all along, the only thing I received back was HTML code, URLs, and/or java script from a web crawler computer program sent to me through the BBB. This has absolutely nothing to do with what I asked for.
Other terms for Web crawlers are robots and spiders. Basically a Web crawler is an index of all visited pages. It has absolutely nothing to do with providing tracking of leads, call blasts, search engine submissions, and SEO. Not only that, but the indexed URLs they sent me, I know for a fact I had been to myself as well as them. They had no kind of tracking at all!
My only intention here is to help others by sharing my experience with you, so that you may not make the same mistake I did with “SUPREME MARKETING STRATEGIES”.


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