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The Office

Way to Blow it on your Opening Weekend!!

Delray Beach, Florida, 33444

About the only thing "The Office" has going for itself is its HOT bar staff... They run out of beer, they have bouncers outside telling you there's a 15 minute wait for a drink, and than they proceed to tell you how to hold your beer properly so it doesn't spill... Wait did I mention they had a "Enter Here" rope section like a club in South Beach. Hello McFly... Its a BAR/Restaurant in Delray Beach.

My advice to you... 1.) Your floors are going to get dirty and you will have to mop them. 2.) Don't make people wait outside! 3.) Don't tell your paying customer how to drink! Start with these and I will update more later on..

You totally blew it with the Delray locals on night one. Absolutely ridiculous!! Not to mention that you completely copied Tryst's design and concept.

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Way to Blow it on your Opening Weekend!! Way to Blow it on your Opening Weekend!!


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