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Jeff Williams

6:00 PM EST

St Paul, Minnesota

He went to England to pick up money owed to his late father. He gets the money and it is wired to his bank but wait there is a problem. He did the procedure wrong and must come up with $20,000.00 to complete the transfer. He only has x amount with him and he has asked his friends, (his parents are dead and he is an only child) they all sent some but he still needs $ 2,500.00 from me. Please wire it to him in England

I did not send any money, but I want to make sure that others don't as well

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Unfortunately these scams are not new and have been around for years. They are called "sweetheart scams" (Google it for more guys). MOST of these guys are from Nigeria, but say they are from the US doing business overseas. They fall instantly in love with you and then start asking for money. They usually say they are widowers and have a kid. And yes, they troll the dating sites and pay for memberships. Best to only date/meet local people and don't buy into the stories that they are overseas on business. And NEVER send them money!!
  • Mrs G
  • Submitted: 10/05/2010
Yes, he is currently doing this to me too.
  • Mrs G
  • Submitted: 10/13/2010
this same person is using the email address of with the same phone number that Jeff Williams give to me (612) 353-1946. If anyone has any pictures of this caringmohammed070 please post them.

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