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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/11/2010
  • Severity: 5

Jeffery Ryan Hopkins

Nigerian Romance Scam

Potomac, Maryland

this scam needs to be removed from the post, it is not true, I think it came about as a nervous rumor, and it is not true.....please remove his picture and information from this site and I have no definite proof of this...someone scared me into thinking he was part of this group and it seemed possible, but, it is not probable....please forgive me and remove him from the scammers site as none else has come forward to make any sorry for any inconveniences or accusations....I know this is not to be taken lightly....and fully apologize.....please forgive me.....until I have further proof, it needs to be removed.....thank you! I mean no undue harm to anyone.


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Unfortunately these scams are not new and have been around for years. They are called "sweetheart scams" (Google it for more guys). MOST of these guys are from Nigeria, but say they are from the US doing business overseas. They fall instantly in love with you and then start asking for money. They usually say they are widowers and have a kid. And yes, they troll the dating sites and pay for memberships. Best to only date/meet local people and don't buy into the stories that they are overseas on business. And NEVER send them money!!

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