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David Morton (roofing contractor)

Roofer Ripoff Artist

Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County, Florida

David Morton and his brother purchased a legitimate roofing company doing business in Davie Florida and proceeded to do business under the name and license of the previous owner. A search of the Better Business Bureau showed that this business had an outstanding business record with no complaints so we contracted with this company to have our roof replaced and gave David Morton a 10% deposit.

All started out well with the removal of the old roof, but then the demands for more money started with no further work being completed. We contacted the roofing supply company and agreed to pay for materials delivered to the job site upon delivery. After numerous phone calls, David Morton finally had a crew come out and install the material delivered. This was completed several months after commencing the job and only after repeated calls, and being told they would be there the following day - which was nothing but lie after lie. This went on for months.

We had paid an additional sum as per the terms of the contract after the dry-in and under layment was in place. Now is when the real problems, more lies, and fraud started. We were summonded and fined for non-compliance by Broward County and had to secure an attorney to defend us against this action and also to go after David Morton for breach of contract. He somehow avoided being served papers to appear in court, but we were sucessful in serving the license holder, who informed us that David Morton had run his business into the ground. This whole process was now into 18 months and no word from David Morton, only to see the news from West Palm Beach that he was doing exactly the same thing in Palm Beach County.

Fortunately the previous business owner agreed to complete the remaining portion of our roofing work to avoid further litigation. The bottom line is the job took almost 2 years and costs were doubled when adding in legal fees which we could not recover.

My advice is to stay far away from David Morton as possible; and certainly not do any business with this SCAM ARTIST.


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