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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/15/2010
  • Severity: 8

Calvin Eliis

Stuck in Manila, Philippines

Venice, California

He made contact with me on, he instantly gave me his e-mail and yahoo instant messenger name. The e-mails started and we spent a few days on line chatting. He and his 10 year old son, Sam, were going to Manila.
He is a widow, wife died 5 years ago from cancer, he has not dated since. Once in Manila, all went wrong, he need extra money because of extra taxes. So, I sent him $1,600.00, then the next day when he was to fly back to Ls Angeles, customs stopped him and he needed another 200.00. At last he was on his way to the airport. They were to come home on Labor Day. Next message I got was that Sam was ill and in the hospital. He needed a blood transfusion and he needed another $700. I told him no. This went on for a few days, and he even called me, crying and upset and to please not let his son die. He went from $700, to $200 to $100 to $50. I sent nothing and have not heard from him since.
I am attaching the photos he sent me. His yahoo id is, the picture with the sun glasses is his profile photo.
I mark this as high priority because he is preying on women.

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Stuck in Manila, Philippines Stuck in Manila, Philippines Stuck in Manila, Philippines Stuck in Manila, Philippines


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Unfortunately these scams are not new and have been around for years. They are called "sweetheart scams" (Google it for more guys). MOST of these guys are from Nigeria, but say they are from the US doing business overseas. They fall instantly in love with you and then start asking for money. They usually say they are widowers and have a kid. And yes, they troll the dating sites and pay for memberships. Best to only date/meet local people and don't buy into the stories that they are overseas on business. And NEVER send them money!!
  • DJ
  • Submitted: 09/18/2010
I had the same thing happen to me. Almost the same story (these people aren't very origonal). A widower, has a son, hasn't dated since she died, now ready to start a new life, yada, yada. I was emailing this engineer that was in Africa and he asked me to get an international phone card so we could talk. I had never gotten one before and said no I could wait to talk in person as he was to be home the following month. He got kind of ticked off that I didn't I guess he was upset that I already wasn't doing what he demanded. My friend tipped me off by Googling his name/dating scams and 3 pages of letter came up and they read just about word for word like mine he had sent me. I told him off and told him to get a real job.
I got hit a second time, this time the guy was divorced and in England needed money. I was on to him and didn't send him a dime. I put his pic and name up on this site to hopefully tip others off before they waste any time/money. These people are scum.
  • Mrs G
  • Submitted: 10/08/2010
Yes there is another guy out there doing almost the same scan his name is Jeff Williams type it in the search box above and you will see his pictures his yahoo email is

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