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  • Submitted: 09/15/2010
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Betty Sleep of Carraig Birman Cattery

Betty Sleep of Carraig Birman Cattery

unknown, California

Complaint Against
Breeder: Betty Sleep
Cattery: Carraig Birmans
Address: 11438 Route 10
City: Coles Island New Brunswick, Canada E4C2P8
Phone: 506-362-5579
Complaintant Rose Marie Zizzo
Date: 5/3/03


Betty Sleep Represents All Bad Corrupt Cat Breeders

Note:The screen shot of this website is copyrighted by Betty Sleep of the Carraig cattery.

The complaint is about this Canadian bad cat breeder that represents all the disgruntled bad cat breeders & has choosen to represent all the bad cat breeders listed on our site.

Betty Sleep supports the malevolent offspring she represents that have complaints lodged against them by public.Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans supports unethical behaviors, against buyer's/consumers and has a diviant reputation

It is obvious Bett Sleep must not have, or had, a meaningful relationship with her mother. Like maybe her mom gave her away or hated her or treated her badly growing up.

Because Melanie Lowry & Michelle Casserd all has no meaningful relationships with their mom's either, is why they are all lacking so much human compassion and are just horrible human beings.

Melanie Lowry has elderly parents and did not seem the way she spoke of her parents, anthing to write home about.

Then Michelle L Casserd was sort of estranged from her parents and she was very close with her late grandmother whom she took care of. Michelle L Casserd's parents both work as caretakers taking care of senior citizens and very materialistic. They own a nursing home. I have in the past had Michelle L Casserd daughter from Los Vagas contact me asking me if she knew where her own mother was? Casserd also has a son who is an alcholic. And she would call her further daughter-in-law "preggy" becayse her alcholic son was the father of the baby.

So I place Betty Sleep, Melanie Lowry & Michelle L Casserd all in the same circle they all lack human compassion & are just horrible people overall, and all were sort of estranged from their mother and father.

This Canadian Betty Sleep feels she is doing Lollimops a great justice supporting her, but just in that fact alone she is now considered a bad cat breeder from our site and hopes she is happy about her new found destroyed reputation as a "Bad Cat Breeder" pedigree cat breeder.

Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans represents bad cat breeders

This Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans is the representative of the bad cat breeder's listed on this site
Cat Breeders Complaint List

Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans condones, overlooks & supports its malevolent offspring's, bad business practices & unethical behaviors against consumers & buyer's.

A buyer who filed a complaint tells Betty Sleep off and says she should hang your hand in shame to support bad cat breeders behabiors listed on this site. [Read]

Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans main agenda is:

1. Attempting to salvage their deplorable & wretched reputations as bad pedigree cat breeder's.

2. Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans does NOT want their deviant reputations EXPOSED for all of us to know & read about.

3. Lusts after financial gain.

4. Betty Sleep of Carraig Birmans want their legendary evil characters, behaviors & breeding practices hidden as much as possible so no one truly knows what they are all about, & this does not effect their kitten sales.

To read more about this abomination go to: & read her Comments from others

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Betty Sleep of Carraig Birman Cattery Betty Sleep of Carraig Birman Cattery Betty Sleep of Carraig Birman Cattery


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  • Submitted: 01/17/2014
Whoever wrote the Got Scammed article is 100% wrong. Betty Sleep is a very professional breeder of Birmans who takes great measures to ensure that her Birmans are of a high standard and that those purchasing them are going to be responsible owners. Whoever put forward the negative article about her must have a personal vendetta against Betty to write such rubbish and personal attack. My wife and I have purchased two Birmans from Betty over the years and have always found her to be very pleasant, professional and caring about her cats. We will be purchasing Birmans from her again without any hesitation whatsoever as she breeds some of the best Birmans in Canada.
Who Scammed You Commenter
I don't know if you are aware that the experience you had with Betty is not the only side of Betty Sleep.

You were fortuneate to have a good experience from what you wrote.

But that is not the case if you are her enemy. There will be a different set of rules that would be involved.

I would suggest you go to her comment page and read how she is known in the cat & dog industry world from people who know her best.

Her comments are page:

People are very deceptive and must never be trusted. The only one we should trust is Jesus Our Lord & Saviior.

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