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Westchester, New York

I was overweight and wore a size 42 and knew I had to loose the weight. My doctor told me that if I didn't shed the weight I would have a good chance of getting diabetes and even worse, a heart attach. My girlfriend told me about an alternative weight loss system called AYD's.

I had heard about AYD's for sometime now. I also heard about how people were getting AYD's all over the place. From street corners to your local pharmacy. I thought to myself, "Why go to the gym and eat healthy when I can get AYD's". So, I asked around and got myself some AYD's from my skinny secretary Joyce.

I could feel the effects from AYD's almost immediatly. I lost 15 pounds within 1 week. Users like to refer to this period as "Riding the Snake". But the side effects were just awful. It made me paranoid, jittery, caused me to have loose bowel movements, lowered my seld-esteem and made me break out in cold sores. The night sweats were so painfull that I was convinced the devil was doing his Michael Flatley River Dance jig throughout my body. My BM's were so uncontrolable that I feared leaving my house.

Don't believe what you hear. AYD's is not the best way to loose weight. Its the lazy mans way out.

This is their ad campaign. Don't believe, AYD's is not worth it.

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