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  • Submitted: 09/16/2010
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Hildegard Feldner

Elzenhof Cats....Austria

unknown, Alabama

Thu, September 16, 2010 10:11:40 AM That's so depressing Of course I knew that the lines were questionable from HCM-point of view, but had no idea of the conditions of under the cats are bred. That's horrible. Can't he be stopped in any way? I know that dutch animal wellfare laws are not as rigid as in some countries, but surely there must be SOMETHING to be done`?

I think a lot of breeders in Belgium and Holland know about the Elzenhof cats. I am surprised this stuff hasn't gone around the globe yet. The worst part of this story is that this man just doesn't care how many people know because he will always find new breeders who don't know about pedigrees, HCM, URI etc. He even states in his ads that he is not "one of those breeders who work with stupid restrictions. You buy the cat so you can do with it what you want." This attracts all kinds of people, as you can imagine... And some of the breeders that now say "oh what a BYB he is!" are the ones that used to work with him only a few years ago, and sold cats to him when they were in dire need of money. You can see in his pedigrees whom you have to be careful with. Just a word of advise. I am not scared anymore. And for those who wonder if this is just another urban myth: I went there, "undercover" as a potential kitten buyer, to see for myself. Words cannot describe how bad and dirty we felt when we got out of there. Everything I am telling you now came out of his own mouth. He is not ashamed about anything, he doesn't realise the bad state of his kittenfarm. Or maybe he thought that a layman would have not idea of how a decent cattery works. Maybe he even knew who I was and didn't care. He thinks he is untouchable. Like so many. They have vets and associations in their pockets. Everyone in the cat fancy seems to have dirty secrets they can be bribed with. It is a special world indeed...

This was written by registered cat breeders who know the reputation of this cat breeder
Elzenholf Farms


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