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Julian Rouas

Julian Rouas - A Bullsh*t Artist !!

Los Angeles, California, 91316

Parfum de Golf by Anna Planet. Ripped off by Julian Rouas Paris!!I'm Anna Planet, a world traveler, a painter, a stargazer, an artist who works instinctually. I'm the creator of Approche "Eau de Parfum". This is a unique fragrance dedicated to the world of golf. "Approche" is the first perfume that takes over the codes of your sport: exclusive, performance, seduction. Its miniature leather golf bags permit to carry on the belt, balls and tees of golf, but also cigar or make-up. After creating this luxury fragrance, I had the displeasure of meeting an obscure, scruffy French drifter by the name of Julian Rouas. Our first encounter was a bit awkward, to say the least, Julian Rouas was as inviting as a Turkish squat toilet. He smelled so bad, it was as if he went a year without toilet paper. Julian Rouas was interested in my company, and I was misled to believe in his financial fairy tale, that he would invest a nice little sum of money. Julian Rouas was evasive, ambiguous, and came across as arrogant. Fortunately, I quickly realized how wicked his mindset was when I saw through his lies and deceit. Sadly, this lying, conniving douchebag has managed to steal my most precious perfume design "Approche" Parfum de Golf. Accidentally on purpose, Swing by Julian Rouas Paris was released not too long after with much fanfare. This fashion pirate has cooked-up slap-dash a low-quality fragrance in an ill-reputed, seedy lab, and turned my beautiful miniature leather golf bags into an obscene parody. With an inferior leather made in China and a dreadful, toxic perfume packaged only-God-knows-where, Julian Rouas is hoping to strike it rich, his imaginery pinnacle. Julian Rouas' s cheap imitation perfumes are aggravated further by an awful Karma!! Indeed, this lying weasel has defrauded many investors for his cheesy perfumes to see the light of day. They handed over their life savings to him, and then they got screwed in the most despicable way. The bottom line is Julian Rouas is a crook and a liar of the worst kind! This mental midget is a walking farce, and there isn't an ounce of talent in him, therefore he is bound to disappear into the fashion' s "oubliettes". Bon voyage!! To Julian Rouas: "To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

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Julian Rouas - A Bullsh*t Artist !! Julian Rouas - A Bullsh*t Artist !! Julian Rouas - A Bullsh*t Artist !!


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Julian Rouas has teamed up with Joe Jackson to exploited the late Michael Jackson with a new line of perfumes. Bravado International are suing them for Copyright Infringement. This is a federal Lawsuit !! Undeterred, Julian Rouas continues his greedy and shameful agenda. Find out about the cesspool of corruption underneath "The Jackson Tribute Fragrances" and Julian Rouas at...
If link doesn't work, copy/paste it into your browser or simply Google up: "The Lowdown on Julian Rouas Paris"

Thank you very much. This scam-artist must be stopped!!

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