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  • Submitted: 09/21/2010
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Melanie Lowry AKA Annie of Sugar Kisses Himalayan

Melanie Lowry AKA Annie of Sugar Kisses Complaint

Escondido, California

Lollimops & Catinality Catteries
Complaint #9 Aug 8, 2007
Date Posted: 18:59:08 08/08/07 Wed
Author: Shocked and disappointed
Subject: Re: Lollimops shares how her life is destroyed
In reply to: Melanie Lowry of Lollimops HImalayans 's message, "Lollimops shares how her life is destroyed" on 19:14:46 12/26/06 Tue
Perhaps the war between those two is excessive, but I can speak for myself at how shocked I am to come across the many complaints against lollimops.

I purchased a kitten from lollimops in early 2004, and three weeks later, she began showing signs of unbalance, significant weight loss, and uncontrollable diarreah. When I contacted Melanie, she told me she had never had a cat or kitten sick with ANYTHING, nad that my cats symptoms were from the vaccinations she had received from the vet! I assumed it must be the case, and proceeded to spend thousands of dollars running tests and doing everything I could to help my cat. I kept in touch with Melanie, who told me to change her diet to a bland diet to help with the diarreah, but that she could not imagine what the issue could be if not vaccinations. Sadly, after watching my cat suffer in pain and howling while trying to control her bowels and vomit, I put her to sleep. I am appalled that this could have been avoided, and that I may have been able to save my cat if I had been made aware of the potential it may be this disease. I will never know whether or not my cat could have been helped, but if I was given guidance towards the problem instead of denial, perhaps I would still have my cat today...

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