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Chops Lobster Bar

Beware of GLASS in your Vodka Tonic at Chops

Boca Raton, Florida

About 1 year ago I visited Chops Lobster Bar in Boca Raton. This restaurant has great reviews. However, my experience was a little different. I am drinking away with a bunch of friends. We are ordering expensive wine and nice steak dinners.. I decide to make a switch from the red wine to a vodka tonic.. The waitress brings me my drink. I take a sip... Everything is fine. I have it about half way finished and decided to chew on some ICE... BAD IDEA. Low and behold. there was a piece of GLASS in my drink that blended in perfectly. I had already bitten down, almost crack a tooth, and than almost sliced my mouth open... I immediately call the waitress and manager over.. They try to apologize, but are mostly speechless..

The only thing they give me was a "new drink" and a "i'm sorry".. Pretty Pathetic if you ask me.

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Beware of GLASS in your Vodka Tonic at Chops


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Is the boring play by play absolutely necessary..."I decided to make a switch from red wine to a vodka tonic." What an a-hole...and how do you "almost" crack a tooth? It either cracks or it doesn't you f*cking whiney b*tch. I wish that glass would have "almost" made it's way past your tonsils and cut your throat so this post would have never been written, but I guess that would have upset the 6 dudes you were dining with at Chops....nothing shuts down an all dude throating frenzy like a little blood in the communal penis sleeve.

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