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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/25/2010
  • Severity: 5

Posed as a Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery Scam

Dothan, Alabama

These gentlemen just called our home number to inform us that we were winners of the Florida Lottery. They informed us that we needed to Western Union $399.00 (1% of our "so-called winnings) to an Ella Smith in Nashville, TN. They state they are completely legit. My husband kept them on the phone for as long as possible so that I could use my cell phone to call The REAL Florida Lottery to verify such information. Unfortunately there is none in their office on a Saturday morning. Making it impossible to contact anyone. They got off the phone after my husband informed them we were calling the Florida Lottery and currently taping our phone conversations, stating they were at another "winners" home!!

Being that there are lots of elderly people out there we feel necessary to post this so that anyone who reads this may tell everyone they know.

God Bless.


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