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  • Submitted: 10/09/2010
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Melanie Lowry AKA

Melanie Lowry AKA

Escondido, California, 92026

annie, has screwed me as well.She sold me a cat and switched and baited me with another. The cat i got was more than shy and constantly iives under the bed. She also pees out of the litter box.

i begged Annie from week one to take this cat back and give me a friendly, loving cat like the one I had money down on. She arrived at the meeting spot and told me the one I wanted was sick.

Well...I got a very sick cat and had to take her to the vet after one night in a hotel. She was coughing and sneezing. Annie was very, very nasty to me and would not take this cat back and give me another one that was not flakey and scared out of its wits. I have had this cat for two yrs and I never see her....she hides all day and night.

I also have a black persian I got from Annie, who I love and is friendly and lovig. I want her to take this cat back and give to me what I paid for...I can help and join you in your efforts. This Annie is sick and demented and NASTY! And a liar!!!

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Date: Sunday, Jul-04-20 10- 21:28:12 CDT

To read about the history about this paranoid bad cat breeder go to:

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Melanie Lowry AKA


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