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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 10/12/2010
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Romance Scammer

St. Paul, Minnesota

She is approx. 26 years old, mother of two. Lures men in with the "single mother in distress" ploy, and will continue to ask for money. Will claim she wants to finish school. Will never be truthful as to where she lives. You will find out she is with a convicted felon boyfriend who she consorts with, he will impersonate her relatives etc. to futher their scam. If confronted Marjorie will run, change her address, change her phone number. She will use her own children in her game and they will have no clue as to what is happening or who you are in her life. She is not educated but street smart and will put many layers on her scam to avoid detection. She will accuse you of being insane for ever calling her on it, yet she will never offer up an explanation. Don't fall for her "I love you" each day, you will be gamed. She will not offer up any affection, and will have excuses for this, but having a boyfriend (convicted felon) is the real answer as to why. She will constantly will have emergencys to garner money, and will ingore you days on end after she gets her loot. Please do not fall for this loser and waste any time or money!

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Romance Scammer


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