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  • Submitted: 10/12/2010
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Linda Johnson of Cazpurr Bengals

Linda Johnson of Cazpurr Bengals

unknown, North Carolina

Cazpurr Bengals/Linda Johnson
Posted: 2010-10-12 by TecSpot

Cat Breeder from HELL!!

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Cazpurr Bengals
North Carolina
United States

For those of you who do not know this woman I would like to share with you how she treats friends, breeders and her cats...

I gave Linda back Ripley, (a female I purchased from her) since her sister that Linda had kept died. Linda was so heart broken over the loss of her cat that I gave her Ripley back for the agreement of "a pick kitten" out of any litters she had coming!!

Then Linda told me and a breeder in Texas that she kicked Ripley across the floor when she was just a week away from giving birth because she was fighting with her F-1 Carlotta". She stated that all the kittens were born dead except a marble, which she did not register. Then she sold Ripley to another breeder...So I waited and waited for my kitten I was supposed to get….(over 3 1/2 yrs later)

In July 2010 Linda offered me a female (finally a kitten offered that was NOT of pet quality) out of Gogees Black Beard and Drinkwater Cheetaro. I accepted her, "as my pick kitten". (here she goes again changing the agreement on me) Then she tells me I can not have her because I refused to sign her contract which stated she gets a second pick kitten out of her or I have to pay her $2, 500.00. What a JOKE this is for, "a pick kitten" that was due to me in the first place over 3 1/2 years ago!! ;<(( What breeder would give her $2, 500.00 for a kitten that was due to them in the first place or even a second pick kitten back? (NO ONE!!)

Linda now refused to answer my e-mails and refuses to give me the, "pick kitten due to me"... SO her action have forced me to let everyone know what kind of breeder/friend she is/was! I have all her e-mails to prove that she owes me, "a pick kitten".

This breeders has "NO MORALS"!!! Just how many others is she going to lie, cheat and steal from? It is not just me she has lied, cheated and stolen from. I have e-mails from others she has stolen from, breeders she has cheated and not returned money she had no right keeping.

Linda may have nice cats but it’s like making a deal with the devil. My advice with this breeder!! Make sure you have every single detail of anything you are agreeing to in a written contract or better yet RUN because dealing with a breeder like this with, "NO MORALS" will get you nothing in the end. The TIBCS Ethics Chairman or Panel will not help you if your agreement is by e-mails or if they have sold kittens to Linda!!

I know there are a lot of breeders out there that have had problems with other breeders with, "NO MORALS" and if we continue not to speak out against them, they will continue to cheat others.

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Linda Johnson of Cazpurr Bengals


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