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  • Submitted: 10/31/2010
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Kathy Hunter

Kathy Hunter of Sierra Gold Bengals Cattery

Columbia, California

Buyers Beware Bad Breeders....
If you hear the Name "Kathy Hunter" a breeder from the Columbia area of Southern California near Sacramento Buyer Beware....she is a very bad person with a bad temperament and lies about kittens you purchase. She takes your deposit and doesn't deliver. I gave her a $600 deposit to be on a waiting list for a $1800 kitten from one female breeder cat that I liked name Brighty. I waited 2 months for her to deliver her kittens, and it took a month before Kathy sent me a picture. She keep giving me excuses her family was in town, she was sick or she will do it but wouldn't. When Brighty had her kitten it was told to me the kitten would be $2200 not $1800. But come to find out this kitten was very sick with a decease and had to be on medication. Kathy Hunter still tried to sell me this kitten. When I told her I didn't want a sick kitten and tried to find a different kitten, she was upset with me and won't sell me a kitten or give my money back. I found out later, she tried to sell the same kitten for $600 to a private party that didn't know much about kittens, I have name and number of that person... She has keep my $600 and won't sell me a kitten or give me my $600 back. She has done this before... Later I was at a cat show, I talked to many breeders that told me she has allot of sick kittens and breeders don't like her. They said, is very mean and doesn't live up to her contract. She was band from the Tica shows because of her out burst of poor sportsmanship, her outrageous temperament toward judges, and upsetting cat owners and breeders. So I am out $600, but you don't have to be. Buyer Beware!!!

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Kathy Hunter of Sierra Gold Bengals Cattery


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