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  • Submitted: 10/31/2010
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Kathy Hunter of Sierra Godl Bengals

Kathy Hunter of Sierra Godl Bengals Cattery

Columbia, California, 95310

10/31/2010 11 hrs 2 mins ago by Jonathan Bohbot

I am not a breeder and was looking for a gorgeous pet. SierraGold Bengals seemed to be a high standard cattery. I contacted Kathy Hunter back in summer 2009. I waited for ten months to make my decision on a kitten. During this process, my several contacts with Mrs. hunter were delightful and she appeared to be very professional and passionate about her breeding program.
I finally decided to get a cat from Noah's Pride under her name and Mrs Hunter, Bill Frederick and I agreed on $1, 800 and on the condition that the cat would be registered with SierraGold. I sent my check and the situation changed.
The cat came in: a beautiful cat with a wonderful personality. He also came with diarrhea and lots of tapeworms. I notified them of these minor problems, at which point they became hard to reach. They never sent the signed pedigree, health record, registration number or the sale contract guaranteeing the kitten's good health. I tried to contact Mrs. Hunter by phone and email but she never responded. I resorted to have my girlfriend call her (unknown number to Mrs. Hunter). She agreed to send us all the missing documents and complained about Bill Frederick's lack of professionalism. She also mentioned this wasn't the first incident with cats coming from Mr. Frederick. We are still waiting for the paperwork: it's been 3 weeks.
If you decide to buy a cat from them, try to pay by credit card and only half the price for the paperwork, then the other half for the cat (or abstain entirely).
If this issue resolves, I will modify this entry. Until then, be careful.

Jonathan Bohbot (

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Kathy Hunter of Sierra Godl Bengals Cattery


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