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Tom Boucher

Taking Money from Non Profits

Boston, Massachusetts

This piece of crap took money from vendors and non profit at a 9/11 fundraiser at Boston City Hall. He owes one foundation over $12000 and refuses to pay he also states that he is a promoter and a non profit he has used these names for raising money Massachusetts General Hospital, The Red Sox Foundation and Home Base

He is no planning something in Vegas April 2011

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Taking Money from Non Profits Taking Money from Non Profits


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He also Claims to be a Navy Seal.
Now this guy is claiming WE owe HIM money.

Please view the vindictive claim that he has placed ANONYMOUSLY about us on this site. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. We are an organization run by retired NYPD officers. Our integrity is not in question here.

The response we posted to his false claim we are scamming people is posted below.

We promoted your event for weeks prior to it.
You put us in a hotel that had a prostitution bust right in front of us.
You are the one who claimed to be a Navy Seal on another one of your go daddy fake scam sites, and your Facebook account. We reported that to the Navy by the way as well as an organization devoted to catching frauds who claim to be Special Forces.

You charged vendors upwards of 3000 dollars. You then charged a door fee to the public at $15.00 dollars a head, and pocked that from the few that actually paid. When your door people were told that the vendors literally wanted to lynch you, you finally stopped around 4pm, by which time the damage was done and it was too late for anyone to recoup expenses.

You were given a post dated check, which you approved of, and you deposited before the post date that you agreed on. You were given time to deliver on your promises, and not only did you avoid phone calls, our treasurer had to track you down, and you still promised and lied about payment.

Your company "Extreme Endeavors" is THE PROMOTER. You were primarily responsible for getting people there, not us. You asked us to come in at the last minute when the Wounded Warrior Project decided not to show. Should we ask the Wounded Warrior Project why they never showed up? You have also promoted other events, with different company names, which anyone may search for online-aka; Tom Boucher Thomas S. Boucher, Thomas E. Boucher from Xtreme Endeavors Event Development aka; United Event Development, planetincorporated, and Pink warriors.

No one ever promised you we could bring 3000 people, you made that up in your deceitful head. We may have mentioned we would advertise the event to our 3000 plus followers on multiple Facebook accounts, but your selective memory and account of that conversation has been noted. Regardless we did our best to notify our community, and our web admin promoted your event every day. Would you like us to subpoena the Facebook records for you?

Our organization stands by its mission statement, and we have upwards of 50 clients to attest to our integrity.

The bottom line is you defrauded a legitimate 9/11 related charity. You are about to pull your scam again in Las Vegas.

You promised us $10,000 plus $2,000 from the beer money. You have not paid.

The Massachusetts Attorney Generals office has been notified. Say what you like in your vindictive attempt to discredit us. We will take this up in court.

Be advised the State of Massachusetts has severe laws and punishments for those that defraud charities in their state.

We have ZERO to hide on this matter. You however are still hiding.

Anyone that wishes may contact us about this matter at
We reported your FAKE NAVY SEAL credentials here TOM---

Good luck when real Seals show up on your doorstep.
To any company, vendor or anyone else who participates in special are welcome to contact us at any timed we will be happy to provide you with a list of vendors, sponsors, companies and officials that have participated in our events, including the event being slandered by these individuals. ALL of them will tell you that our events are well run, well organized, and top rate. Period. These individuals are upset by the fact that event goers did not receive them well - for whatever reason - and they did not make the turn around they had hoped for. That's life in the special event world. No promoter can FORCE the attendees of event to participate with a vendor, if for whatever reason, the attendees choose NOT to. Perhaps the fact that this group has the word POLICE in it's name, wasn't a big hit with a group made up primarily of Bikers who have been the subject of significant harrassment by POLICE. In any case, I have nothing to hide and I am more than willing, as is the rest of my company, to provide any person considering business with us a comprehensive list of people - INCLUDING the Boston Police Department (who by the way themselves were not at all impressed with this "supposedly" charitable organization (who has had numerous similar issues from other events - including one held BY The Fraternal Order of Police) in Washington, DC. As for my background...two issues; it stands for itself and I'm very proud of it, and second; these individuals have NO idea what my background is, or isnt. Simply slander plain and simple. Behond that, I'm far to busy to engage this type of chlidish nonsense.
Why Lie about being a Seal Tom?
Why change your company name so frequently?

You agreed to donate an amount and you lied. You also cashed a check, that was post dated with your agreed upon date, and cashed it a day early, and then claimed your "partner" took off with the money.

The event was not received "well" because you had us help you set up Barricades (By the way would a SEAL ask for help like that?), boxing your entire event in from the public, and then charged the public 15 bucks to enter the event. Your vendors stand by you? YEAH RIGHT! We have several of their names including the Barbecue Rib Vendor that was next to us who was punching his truck in anger because he sold 2 plates of ribs and you FLEECED him for over 2 grand.

We will take you up on your integrity claim and see you in court. The Mass Attorney General will be contacting you soon and you can protect your rep then.

Your new event in Las Vegas is completely unheard of by all the vendors you put on your new scam page, as well as the Las Vegas Convention Bureau. You change business names over night, and then delete web pages when you get cease and desist orders.

Can't wait for Seals to show up on your door too. That will be priceless.
Oh and if it is slander, press charges, please.
  • nyp62
  • Submitted: 11/09/2010
If in fact this guy scammed you, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I don't see anyone coming to the defense of your phony foundation. Why should he pay for your bar bill and porno flicks in a hotel room?
As for him disappearing and changing names, your board members seemed to have suddenly disappeared from public view. You've been caught!
I think when you guys went down to Boston you drank the 2,000 bucks of beer money. Why is it that every photo you guys post of "fundraising events" shows all of you drunk? Great image to portray
his list of maladies include sleep apnea, severe asthma, gerd, stroke...Written about Gary W. Who is he trying to scam? Gary has had sleep apnea way before 9-11, along with a whole host of health problems due to his extra curricular activities. I don't know anyone else who was on the pile or did rescue work at the pit who's claiming that they had a stroke because of that.
If you are really that sick and taking so much medication, why do you drink so much?????
The usage of this site is personal and does affirm personal, otherwise you have no business on this post. Remember their are people watching all of you and if valid issues are known a snowball starts to roll and just may back fire in your faces. The following has been and is being checked. If you have skulls in your closet you should have not started a war.....

* Defamation of character toward many past board members who resign.
* Integrity of Fiduciary Responsibility for non profit.
* Violation of own CODE of Ethics as noted on website.
* Violation of unbecoming behavior causing infliction of emotional duress.
* 501©3 government approval in jeopardy by promoting political candidates.
* 501©3 government approval in jeopardy with rules & regulations conducting order (meetings).
* 501©3 government approval in jeopardy with moral obligations.
* Prior common obsolescent‘s are not noted at this time.

Representative - of PAF are in violation of this site usage noted in terms of use as such: You further agree not to add any content to the site that is or may be considered to be defamatory, obscene, pornographic, harassing, indecent, unlawful, damaging, false, or invasive of the privacy of others.

The aforementioned shall not be misconstrued as defamatory, obscene, pornographic, harassing, indecent, unlawful, damaging, false, or invasive of the privacy of others. The intended purpose is for informational awareness of this non profit as well as all nonprofit organizations that take short cuts to their governing rules. The information contained within is non commercial and personal facts compiled.

In addition to the agreed exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States of America, in connection with any dispute arising from or relating to use of this site and/or the above Terms of Use;Preservation of USA Constitution and Civil Rights in the state of New York shall not be waved.
Point of information for NYPD219
It appears that you are portraying yourself as the spokesmen/person for this non for profit. You are engaging in a liability injustice to your Foundation if it is on the up and up. Your ethics to defend has caused suspicion with your attacks against others putting the lime light on your credibility of reporting information in postings for the foundation. It appears that too many postings are negative to your claims. Each of you who post comments is losing the focus to the contention for the original posting which has probable cause that the FOUNDER submitted it. With that said, staying focused to the original scam post you claimed against Tom Boucher, promoter; the following should be addressed for informational purposes only and not to be misconstrued as an attack on you, the Foundation, the promoter or any parties that made comments to this post. Information has been reviewed from other public website postings and not only from posts on WSY including the Ad for the Boston fund raiser.
Did any representative from the 911 Foundation contact this promoter from the onset to be included as a sponsor, vendor or noble charitable organization and requested to be highlighted during the event?
Did the Foundation agree to pay for space to self promote and sell products or articles representing the Foundation?
Was the 911 Foundation’s claim of hearsay (word of mouth) witnessed by others in a meeting with the promoter that a percentage or lump sum donations will be paid to the Foundation?
Was the promoter’s claim of hearsay (word of mouth) witnessed by others in a meeting with the Foundation that the 911 PAF will bring approx. or up to 3000 of their members, supporters or followers to the promoter’s event?
Did the promoter offer any discounts for space and entry to the 911 Foundation?
Did the 911 Foundation ballyhoo or publicize the promoter’s event for the intended purpose to make or raise funds by their representatives at the event in an assigned space, table or location?
Did the 911 PAF exceed spending Foundation money or net terms of payment for profitable items to be sold at the event for any agreed space that is a negative to the cost of said space?
Did the 911 PAF exceed spending Foundation money noted as expense to be paid back to its representatives as approved by their members or the entire board?
Is there a written and validated record of a 911 PAF meeting regarding the above as a meeting discussion, and approval to spend Foundation money as noted above, or any other petty cash expense?
Is there a valid written contract document between the Promoter and the 911 PAF that was approved by the PAF Executive Board? Were the approvals and the 911 PAF fund raising attendance for the Promoters event brought before discussions with said membership during a general membership meeting?
Did the general membership discuss and vote on approval to spend a limited budget for the attendance of the Boston fund raising event and the Cambridge event.
Did the Promoter pay for hotel accommodations while the 911 PAF was representing at the event in Boston, and how many days and dates for the stay?
Did representatives of the 911 PAF retain receipts for out of pocket expense to be reimbursed during all of the event(s) stay?
During the same time frame of the 911 PAF attending the Boston event to conduct fund raising and their attendance to the Cambridge Police Memorial Ceremony with accolades presented by the PAF, did the 911 PAF register any days stay at the Cambridge Police Marriott Residence Inn, located at Kendall Square for $99.00 per night as advertized?
It is with great conjecture that the 911 PAF decided not to attend the NY event due to extenuating circumstances. Thereby, too much controversy with the Mayor’s blessing to disregard sacred hollow grounds of the dearly departed Heroes and unfounded settlement of liability for first responders. In any event if so, someone from the PAF should have attended in the public eye for political reasons in conjunction with their 501©3 mission and or cause publicly noted.
However, there are some findings to be very peculiar, yet is noble worthy of the event that took place during the same September 11, 2010 occurrences noted above. There were findings on the PAF websites, or social pages that an event was being held in New Jersey, by NJ and the Abbott & Costello old vaudeville theater. It was a musical tribute to all the 911 first responders as the show was called New York, New York. A dedication was presented to the main honoree along with a second honoree. As informed by the theater resource the main award given to the honoree was said to be Joseph Garofalo, from NYCD for his heroism as a first responder. The secondary heroism award was presented to Jay Jonas, Chief, FDNY and where both had the opportunity to give outstanding speeches, as informed. In fact, Joseph Garofalo received a standing ovation during the closing of his speech reading a poem claimed to be dedicated to the founder Mike Valentin for the 911 PAF. Checking on these spectacular presentations and the show tribute promoted by a world renowned tenor singer and musical writer/director, it brought to light that honoree Garofalo is or was the VP for the 911 PAF. There was political, TV, reporters and first responders along with Mrs. Garofalo in attendance. As informed, there was a space free of charge assigned for the PAF to promote shirts for fund raising and where several were sold. It is not clear who the woman representative was that operated the sale of shirts for the PAF being a wife, relative or a girl friend of an Executive Member. What was found to be strange is that this honorable event was down played disrespecting the promoters and New Jersey Vs Massachusetts where the NJ event was a success and the Mass events have become a commotion. Did anyone from the PAF receive awards while in Cambridge or Boston? What is very important to know is why the PAF VP Garofalo recently resigned for the 911 PAF. There must be more to the story and notwithstanding the
bashing about him by you or the PAF. Did he leave on good terms and his own desire to advance future endeavors, or was it due to a conflict of interest that might have been brewing typical too reasons why others resigned or had to leave? Wouldn’t you agree that there is great perception being pointed to, Garofalo that there was a problem of some sort for his leaving? An observation was made soon after your bashing, that the VP name was removed from the PAF website. Very interested in knowing why the entire Executive Board or its main players didn’t attend this honor in NJ which appears to be a poor decision by attending Mass at a great cost and loss, as read. The aforementioned are noted observations of post readings, website information, social site information and publicly posted advertisements by the PAF and/or its representatives. These comments are not intended to target any individual, organization, representatives or the named and are for informational purposes only that was compiled from public notices and observing all of these posts regarding the same. Any and all information posted in this comment should not be taken for granted and should be verified without prejudice to any claim lawfully. The writer of this post comment cannot answer or comment on any subsequent comments to this posting that may arise unless that information is note worthy and verified first therefore anyone doing so should not feel ignored.
I get a kick out of my job while I enjoy reading all of your posts bashing each other and not the contended claim. Keep up the good work I might be able to retire soon enough…..
FYI it appears that your conducting foundation business in the state of Mass. has not been amended with the 501(c) 3 regulations, nor was there any application to amend via the chamber of commerce with Mass or NY being that you are a NY base operation. This does not discount any other states or country, like Washington, Indiana, Florida, Ct, etc.

In addition, the PAF or any non for profit should always maintain General insurance, Liability insurance as well as Error's and Omission Insurance with Loyd's of London or equal thereof as required. Also it should be noted that, any personal NYS registered vehicles which are being used also for a non for profit organization can not be paid for or submitted for expense to that organization unless; The vehicle mileage logs are submitted and filed with the tax preparer for expense and noted miles reflect the tax year or the itemized deductions, and that the personal vehicle at the time of conducting business place a paid for organization magnetic logo, text, with address and phone number on the outer part of the vehicle, if permanent scribing, painting, stenciling or lithographies are affixed to the personal vehicle, then it is the owners responsibility to file with the DMV for commercial usage alone with reporting proper insurance usage, reimbursed by the org with paperwork submitted to the tax preparer. This does not exclude and staying focused; hotels, meals and entertainment which should be discussed with the tax preparer as the laws have changed for acceptable deductions that does include submitting meeting minutes with sign in logs of attendees that meet a quorum and or if it pertains to clients please consult with a CPA since the laws have changed drastically and can cause a red flag with the IRS. I hope that I have helped you all in any way for you to address any mistakes.
Tom Boucher is the worst type of sociopath there is. He has defrauded friends, taken his own brothers identity and used it fraudulently, business partners, and girlfriends. He actually doesn't think he's done anything wrong. HE WAS NEVER A NAVY SEAL, AND THIS ASSHOLE HAS A SEAL TEAM SIX tattoo on his arm. He was in jail from December to Jan 2011 for violation of his federal parole, but for some reason the judge let him out. If you have any informatino regarding this man, please contact the Federal Probation Office or the FBI in Boston. For info on his previous crimes, please google Rhode Island Court Records. There is a Case Lookup and use his name to find the cases and the numorous aliases he has used. Please go to and report this man and his fraudulent activities as well, as the POW Network has done extensive research on this man. This guy needs to be stopped....he infects everyone and everything he, friends, nonprofits, even the sacred dead don't matter to this man. No matter what bullshit he writes on this site, we have the TRUTH.
This man was a personal trainer pretending to be a navy seal at my gym and an agent of the CIA.He had other people working with him,all con artists,one he called tim rykoff for an entire year.This man called me pretending to be his seal team member.Tom also had documents, letters fom the government and forged pension checks as well as wounds... fresh and wore uniforms that solidified his sharade. He convinced me he was involved in a non profits for cancer and worked with the wounded warriors as an event promoter doing good for the people, as he felt guilty of the death he caused as a navy seal.He was put into jail on Dec 7th,as he had been on probation and was violating his probation,with fraud /checks the entire time.
He convinced myself, freinds and family,as ,all ICU nurses we cared and fell prey to his lies,that he was a good man, in a desperate situation.He stated that he wanted to leave his govt job and they would not let him,and they had made his finances a dificult situation placing holds on his caymenaccounts he had wiht Bernie Horn as an overseer of his investments.
He wrote checks on my citisens account took all the money out of my ING account and used my credit cards,I have lost my graduate school tuition for my CRNA program.The banks willl not get it back as I did not claim it wihtin 30 days(this is all you are allowed in fraud time frame so be aware of this I did not know) and when I saw he used of my cards he creid at my kitchen table saying he had such a difficult life with his family being killed in a car accident and being used by the governemnt as a trained killer,my family and I felt sorry for him. The man actuly creid and then borrowed money from my family,whom are poor in Canada.He said he had PTSD and he would pay back the use of the credit cards.

He was on probation with Tim Merna,....whom I find it difficult to believe the probation office does an adequate account of these sociopaths!!! Tom had not one but four bussiness that were fraud,he tried to defraud Berni Horn in Boston,he held Boston Bike Day and never paid any of the bills to city hall and he defrauded a partner in Las Vegas whom he was planning a bike event there with.All the while pretending to be a navy seal,and sending emails and corresponding as one to the wounded warriors. His own brother ,whom he stated to me was given up for adoption... when contacted by myself stated Tom was a bad person and should be in jail,as he ruins peoples lives.He stole all of his "own" mothers money and the aging women from Norwell had to be moved to california to be cared for.In addition Tom has stolen his brothers identity and commited fraud in his name in the 90's.Tom has ruined my credit and additionially even caused problems with a zip car acount as he has no drivers liscence and took out the account,with his extreme endevours non profit,asked me if I wanted to be a secondary driver,to find out he was driving around town on my drivers liscence!!! now zip car is giving me a difficult time!!!.I am afraid of this man,as he is a sociopath! the great lengths he went to to prey upon me after my divorce and threaten me with the government and my greencard status,shows how diabolical he is.He had mail dleivered to show he was courtmarshalled and all along he is on probation for fraud in nevada for counterfeiting charges!
The women in the upstairs apt was hit over her head with a brick in the north end and he all of a sudden came in the building with a bloody brick???? how did he find that? and then he stated "oh I should not have touched it,it cant be used as evidence now"!!

He defrauded the other people in the building as well,with check fraud! and he also took my mail and used my capital one card that was paid off and kept the bills from me!!

Anything you could think of this man is capable of!! I am an ICU nurse and he showed me a fresh bullet wound? tell me how that happended?

I contacted an old friend of his and she stated he stole from her in the 90's and to get a restraining order! He is capable of anything! she stated he probably self inflicted the wounds.

The last words he stated to me was I am a navy seal I am a navy seal!

This man is dangerous! The police have done nothing to help and with all this evidence he has been let out of jail,!!!!!

I was told by the police when I asked why this statment....."that they let out murderers who kill the police so what did I want them to do?"

I have never been involved in a situaiton such as this, so be warned this man is wanted in nevada and also in virginia,he pretends to be the kindest old ugliest beat up dog,soilder,and he is truly a Ted Bundy.

I have lost much money but I am thankful he did not kill me.

Anyone also who was defrauded by him should report him to the police. They have done nothing! thus far, and let him out again to be in Bosotn to hurt more people.He has a15 year chronic criminal history and will continue.
This man is a threat to people in society and the probation dept does not monitor his activity
The NYC Police are correct,they are not lieing.He is a thief!

The Boston Police have much information and the FBI came to my front door at Christmas and they still let him go!!!

If there are real navy seal,dont they get upset when an old ugly man wiht false teeth and a fat gut is running around with a seal team six tattoo on his arm,and a tattoo on his neck of honor and glory?

Cant anyone do something to stop him from hurting people who are abused by him?
The sarcred dead!!! ....this man took me to a cemetery to show me his dead parents killed in a car accident and said he was raised by his dead aunt that abused him! all the while his mom and dad were alive and he stole alllll of their money!!!!!

this man needs to be reincarnated and to start over as a tooth in his discusting dentures!!!!

His facebook page is thomas stravhoski boucher
he is so delusionial,he claims to have been married to Yvonne from the show Chuck!!!!She is a CIA on TV.He claims to be a real, CIA agent and married to a TV CIA agent? WTF
The man is living on a different planet!!!!!
@ afraidofthisman & Concernedcitizen – Unfortunately I must say that something is very wrong with this whole picture about this guy Tom with much of circumstantial evidence that has affected not one but many lives. Firstly, in a court of law having distinct markings on one’s body only serves as identifying a person of fact or affiliation which is non-chargeable. Secondly, under the warrant act if a person is called for questioning for alleged crimes as you described, protocol would be to run a warrant on him be it the local Police and FBI for that matter. You claimed a judge set him free yet he is still wanted in other states, which I fine very confusing and inconsistent to standard procedures where big mistakes have been made by a judge, FBI and the Police. Under the same breath you note that if anyone has information about this guy contact the Boston FBI. I don’t know what the story was about with a woman being bludgeoned by a brick or the mitigating circumstances that surrounds this crime chargeable for her sustained injury. However, you noted that he was on probation and is wanted, which needs to be clarified with facts of his violation. If in fact, he touched evidence by way of claiming he found it, therefore, he is considered as a witness where his story of how he came about finding it and all pertinent details of times, locations, observers in that area, thoughts that crossed his mind at that time finding it and what made him bring it in, would be an investigators procedure of questioning. Then and only then he can be deemed as a suspect for this same crime, relative to protocol as I mentioned above with warrants especially if he is known to the Police having a criminal record. I understand your career, the suffering as depicted by you and I am sorry for your stress. In no way am I saying that you are not telling the truth with my experience more than 20 years in Law Enforcement, knowing that anything is possible even cover-up. I am just having a hard time digesting the facts you noted which are limited and don’t make sense to me personally with my caliper of knowledge. Inasmuch, as I mention the word cover-up with reading all the stories about this guy that lead to the intent to defraud and government misrepresentation in the public domain gives me the chills. Although he is culpable as described and is in fact a Seal holding the Government in contempt with his knowledge of events he was involved with would cast a broader understanding for me and would virtually make more sense. My advice for you, would be to get all those that were hurt by this guy including family, raise funds lawfully and hire a good Private Investigator that can convince the court of his malfeasance and misfeasance of alleged crimes. If not possible then I am afraid this will be a never ending vicious cycle of con-games.
The Detective ...Blair working on the case has called and stated he is in jail in Vegas for three years.We are all so very happy.He also will them be charged in Virginia for being a fake navy seal then my case will be next in line.Thomas Boucher,hope you enjoy your down low Tuesdays...
  • AnnaRN
  • Submitted: 03/05/2011
I'm genuinely sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your detective is not very competent. Our investigation is going quite well...and quickly given the resources we enjoy here in Washington. 1. He is not Thomas Boucher...more is coming on that but my suspicions are being confirmed rapidly, and 2. He most certainly is NOT in jail..anywhere. I would like for you and I to speak if possible in the near future as things come to light...would that be possible? Please post to let me know, this deserves and requires discretion and this site definately is not that.
Our company just found out we were scammed by Tom Boucher. We paid to be a vendor at the April event in Vegas. If anyone knows what detective in vegas I should contact, please let me know as soon as possible.
Tom- You are a loser. Look below. You add no value to the world and no one, including your family, cares if you are even alive. You keep going on with the bullshit, and its incredible.

See the email below. Anyone who would like any info on Tom Boucher, Thomas Strahovski Boucher, or one of his other SIX aliases please see below:

I greatly appreciate your interest in upholding the honor of the US Navy SEAL Teams, and your search for the TRUTH. Before answering your questions I must make clear that I am a private individual, not affiliated with the US Dept. of Defense or any other government organization. My efforts to expose SEAL imposters are performed as a service to the public, and in honor of my fallen SEAL Teammates… men who truly earned the right to the title “US NAVY SEAL” but who are no longer able to stand forward in defense of their honor, their reputations, and their TEAMs.

If the name you provided is spelled correctly, I do NOT find a listing in the SEAL Database (SEAL Teams and predecessor units from 1943 to the Present Day) for anyone named Thomas Strahovski - Boucher. I have also examined possible alternate spellings, and names with similar pronunciations without finding any that appear to be applicable.

Unless he has undertaken the unlikely action of a legal name change (an action for which there would be evidence in the form of court documentation) since his claimed participation in SEAL training, and based upon the information you have provided, I can state conclusively that Thomas Strahovski - Boucher has NEVER COMPLETED SEAL training, and he is not now, nor was he ever a Navy SEAL, a Navy UDT “Frogman”, a member of any Naval Combat Demolition Unit (NCDU), or a member of the Naval Amphibious Scouts & Raiders (S&R).

When members of the Naval Special Warfare community meet others who claim similar service, but whom they do not recognize, there is a conversational exchange of information that establishes the bona fides of each to the other. There is no set formula for this exchange, nor for the information that is exchanged, but it ALWAYS takes place, and the REAL Naval Special Warfare members can ALWAYS spot an imposter as a result of this exchange. If Mr. Thomas Strahovski - Boucher persists in insisting that his SEAL claims are legitimate, I might suggest that you ask him these questions:

-Since there is no listing in the SEAL Database for the name you are currently using, WHAT NAME DID YOU USE during SEAL training?
-What was his Training Class Number? (No SEAL ever forgets his class number, and there are no secret classes)?
-Where did his training take place? (Training has been conducted at several locations over the years; different portions in different places)?
-When did he graduate from SEAL training? (i.e. a specific graduation DAY/DATE)?
-What were his Primary and Secondary Naval Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes, or what was his Naval Officer Billet Code (NOBC)?
-Which SEAL Team(s) did you serve on, and when?

The answers to those questions are totally UNCLASSIFIED, and every real SEAL will gladly provide that substantiating information upon request.

Before any classified operations may be undertaken as a SEAL Operator, a man must first successfully complete the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training program and then the follow-on secondary training program. The names of all those who successfully graduate from that training program sequence are compiled in the SEAL database. Later participation in classified operations has no impact on whether or not a person is listed as a graduate of the training program. There are records of every man who has qualified for the title of “SEAL”; there have been and will continue to be secret missions, but there are NO secret SEALs.

Once again I must stress that although I am a US Navy veteran, and a former SEAL, I am a civilian performing in an entirely unofficial role. I strongly recommend that you obtain a formal/official US NAVY statement regarding Mr. Thomas Strahovski - Boucher's claimed SEAL credentials. To do so you may contact the PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE at the NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND in San Diego by calling (619) 522-2823, or you may contact the FOIA COORDINATOR at the NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND in San Diego, California, and submit a formal FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT inquiry in writing addressed to:

Naval Special Warfare Command
FOIA Coordinator
2000 Trident Way
San Diego, CA 92155

Thank you again for your concern in this matter, and for your assistance in upholding the honor of the US Navy SEAL Teams. If I can be of any further assistance to you in this matter, please contact me at your convenience.

Respectfully, Don Shipley BUD/S 131, SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO.

These guys are respected and you can call them anytime for info.

You can see this isn't even an original scam. There are others out there just as demented and sick as Tom Boucher. If you're reading this, its because you've gotten in contact with this loser. Please call Federal Probation in Boston and ask for Tim Merna to report on ANY dealings with this psychopath.

Search here under Thomas Boucher. You'll see the aliases and his crimes JUST IN RHODE ISLAND.

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