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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/01/2010
  • Severity: 10

Marjo - Marllo Contreraz Perez

Scams Money with her Boyfriend

Miami - Mpls, Minnesota

This Latina will con you with a sweetheart scam, and ask you for several thousand of dollars on a weekly basis. If you can afford it, you will question her as to where this money is going and why she needs it. She will insist that you trust her and will accuse you of trying to control her. After investigation, you will discover she has a drug dealing boyfriend she lives with and will deny this even with evidence to the contrary. She will never tell you where she lives but will promise you will one day. She has resided in St. Paul and Miami. She is a single mom and will use this to pressure you always for money she needs. Beware of this Scammer, before you know it she will take everything you have. She and her boyfriend are losers, collecting welfare and scamming anyone who falls for her. Run as fast as you can from this Scammer!

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Scams Money with her Boyfriend


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she just a good fuck if you dont mind the HERPES SCAPS AND PUSS BLISTERS

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