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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/02/2010
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Kathy Hunter

Bengal Breeder from Hell

Columbia, California, 95310

I post this complaint here in order to express my disgust with Kathy Hunter of Sierra Gold Bengals. I had purchased two Bengals from her on separate occasions. Both arrived sick, one with a runny eye and a cold; the other with chronic diarrhea. Both have heart mummers. In addition, Kathy never sent me their registration numbers. Further more, I had purchased them as breeders (they were listed as such), but then Kathy informed me that I do not have breeding rights. And lastly, after I had purchased and received one kitten, she switched the cat I thought I had originally purchased with another one. It was not until I inquired with her re his looking different than in the original photo, that she admitted to doing so.

As you can imagine, the health problems I encountered with these cats ran my vet bill up by several hundred dollars. Kathy would not reimburse me for it, after her having sold me sick cats.

Watch out for this women, people. She is wolf in sheeps' clothing, who preys on honest hardworking individuals like me. Kathy should not enjoy the privilege of breeding these wonderful animals; she is what gives breeders the bad reputation that they have.

Kathy is playing the victim with regard to her suspension from TIBCS. It is well known that she had been stealing other breeders' Web site domains, which led to her suspension. When I confronted her re: her unethical behavior, and the sick cats I purchased from her, she attacked me verbally, telling me to take care of my cats (shouldn't she take care of her cats?) And that she switched the cat I had purchased without telling me until after I had received him. Interestingly, the cat constantly whines and cries, and is skitish- runs away from me (obviously, he had been abused). Fortunately, I love him and don't mind the whining. When I told my vet what she did, he was stunned. Why she with held their registration numbers and denied me breeding rights, I have no idea- I imagine it serves her well. If anyone would know, please contact me.

I would have reported her to TICA, in effort to have her business shut down, but feel ill for seven months.

In hind site, I should have done the math. Kathy's husband, George, is an out of work real estate agent. They have a large house to care for and Kathy is obviously under financial pressure to pay for all the bills.

By the way, these pets are assistance animals, suggested by two doctors of mine, to help alleviate a Major Depressive disorder. Can you imagine what I went through?



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I've known Kathy & George for years. We don't talk any longer though. After reading all the negative posts about her, I just have to step forward and share my experience. There was a time when I would help her during busy times of year. On more than one occasion I overheard Kathy talking to a client over the phone. It was always a complaint about them receiving a sick cat or not having gotten the promised registration numbers and sometimes not being granted breeding rights. When I heard her screaming about a two and one half year old cat who had tested positive for HCM that I decided to confront her. She would just say to me casually that, "oh, these people are just amateurs. They won't know the difference between a breeder and a pet. And besides someone has to pay for my home renovations."

Kathy I know how you have struggled with bi-polar/borderline personality disorders most of your life. I want the best for you but just can't be around an addictive personality like yourself.
Please see your doctor soon. There are new medications that can help you. And please try to stop drinking. You know it does you no good.

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