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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/02/2010
  • Severity: 10

911 Police Aid Foundation

Using promoters and events for personal entertainment in the name of Charity

New York, New York

Let me tell you about The 911 Police Aid Foundation! Talk about SCAM! They contacted me asking to be part of my event in Boston, claimed to be doing all kinds of promoting for the event, showed up asking for free hotel rooms with stories about how they have over 3000 people coming in frm all over NY NJ, CT for the event as a result of all their "promoting". I got them 3 rooms (which they increased to FIVE using MY credit card. PLUS racked up another $300 in room service and PORNO movies) Long story short, NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP! They did ZERO promoting and just used me and my event for a free stay while attending some other memorial service in Cambridge, MA. Scum Bags!


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We promoted your event for weeks prior to it.
You put us in a hotel that had a prostitution bust right in front of us.
You are the one who claimed to be a Navy Seal on another one of your go daddy fake scam sites, and your Facebook account. We reported that to the Navy by the way as well as an organization devoted to catching frauds who claim to be Special Forces.

You charged vendors upwards of 3000 dollars. You then charged a door fee to the public at $15.00 dollars a head, and pocked that from the few that actually paid. When your door people were told that the vendors literally wanted to lynch you, you finally stopped around 4pm, by which time the damage was done and it was too late for anyone to recoup expenses.

You were given a post dated check, which you approved of, and you deposited before the post date that you agreed on. You were given time to deliver on your promises, and not only did you avoid phone calls, our treasurer had to track you down, and you still promised and lied about payment.

Your company "Extreme Endeavors" is THE PROMOTER. You were primarily responsible for getting people there, not us. You asked us to come in at the last minute when the Wounded Warrior Project decided not to show. Should we ask the Wounded Warrior Project why they never showed up? You have also promoted other events, with different company names, which anyone may search for online-aka; Tom Boucher Thomas S. Boucher, Thomas E. Boucher from Xtreme Endeavors Event Development aka; United Event Development, planetincorporated, and Pink warriors.

No one ever promised you we could bring 3000 people, you made that up in your deceitful head. We may have mentioned we would advertise the event to our 3000 plus followers on multiple Facebook accounts, but your selective memory and account of that conversation has been noted. Regardless we did our best to notify our community, and our web admin promoted your event every day. Would you like us to subpoena the Facebook records for you?

Our organization stands by its mission statement, and we have upwards of 50 clients to attest to our integrity.

The bottom line is you defrauded a legitimate 9/11 related charity. You are about to pull your scam again in Las Vegas.

You promised us $10,000 plus $2,000 from the beer money. You have not paid.

The Massachusetts Attorney Generals office has been notified. Say what you like in your vindictive attempt to discredit us. We will take this up in court.

Be advised the State of Massachusetts has severe laws and punishments for those that defraud charities in their state.

We have ZERO to hide on this matter. You however are still hiding.

Anyone that wishes may contact us about this matter at

The "some other memorial service" that we attended, was the original reason we went to Boston this past 9/11 anniversary. We were invited by the Cambridge Police Department to place a memorial for officers that have died AFTER 9/11 from illness related to 9/11. Anyone may contact the Cambridge Police Department to verify this.
Tom, notice you posted this ANONYMOUSLY. You are P A T H E T I C and you have been caught. Your first mistake was defrauding a charity run by Police Officers. It will be one of your last.
This Foundation is a joke my friend dealt with them in Staten island the president is the biggest scammer he promises money to sick cops and never delivers ,do not donate to this foundation there are several open complaints with the Attorney general save your money give to the red cross
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  • Submitted: 11/05/2010
These guys in this foundation are POS especially the fat bastard from longisland he befriended all his fellow co workers for a con artist from Staten island this foundation is a joke stay clear of it there sinking faster than the titanic ,now there trying to shake down this promoter to continue living there lavish life style using sick cops as there front and not helping 1 single cop in need BEWARE BEWARE STAND CLEAR every post they make is asking for donations where is the money going to there new cars ?????
And I'm sure Pam G is the "Sleezie" posting this.

Her husband was a corrections officer who was just fired from the Foundation. She is disgruntle and thinks the Foundation's only duty is to give away all of its money. She recently stated that instead of buying an officer's TOMBSTONE for him, we "should have given that money to sick cops"? Like who? Your husband that BEGGED our board to sign a false affidavit that said our president saw him at Ground Zero? We have a copy for anyone interested.

There are no Attorney General Complaints against us, and IF THERE ARE, we welcome defending our name against them.

We have a financial assistance program, and clients must APPLY to get aid and even then it is up to 2000 dollars a year.
Several former board members, and clients have had a personal vendetta against us and here is another coming out to support this nonsense.

We have ZERO to hide. We do have a mission to fulfill and we will do so despite the vindictive complaints listed here. All inquires can be sent to
Lavish lifestyle? Who are you kidding? Both the president and the Founder's BANK accounts are overdrawn this month trying to keep the Foundation Afloat.

Laughable. Please by all means make formal charges and Subpoena all of our bank records. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE and are more than willing to publicly defend our name, and bring the disgruntle psychotic individuals here into public view.
By the way, we will as the 20 plus "NOT A SINGLE COPs" that we have helped this past year to write responses here and tell you all how much we HAVE NOT helped them.

This is high school nonsense but we are more than willing to play to defend our name.
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  • Submitted: 11/05/2010
No one told you guys to buy new cars with foundation money , computers , cell phones , dinners everywhere, car wraps , jersey shore all on the foundation buck are you kidding me you guys are a joke time for the silver bracelets to be put on you guys a SCAM from the very start
and...genius NO ONE IN THE FOUNDATION BOUGHT New Cars with Foundation money.

EVERY CAR IN USE by the 9/11 Police Aid Foundation is owned PERSONALLY by the Founder or the President and is used for Foundation business. Please being us to court to prove this. PLEASE WE ARE BEGGING YOU, take us to court.

Monies from the foundation are used to pay for foundation business, such as gas and tolls when using the cars for Foundation Business.

Yes the Wrap was PAID for by the Foundation as its least expensive and ONLY form of Advertising currently, to BRING ATTENTION to the Foundation and its mission.

Trips to the shore are a fantasy made up by someone who saw our President post on Facebook about a trip to the Shore, who then made up the lie that he used FOUNDATION MONEY to do so.

We have nothing to hide unlike these malicious and childish cowards. Again, any inquire about this can be made to

Please by all means keep documenting the harassment via electronic means.

sleazie is when you almost lose your pension due to misconduct MR. President. SLeazie is having woman after woman move into your house to help pay your bills..and irresponsible is when you leave a gun and a bottle of vicodin in back pack in a room in a club that everyone has access to and you stinking drunk.
FYI everyone, Joe G was at the site after 9/11, so what a referring to when you claim he asked you to lie? Joe G also retired with his shield. What an honor!! Can any of you boast about an accomplishment like that? Mr. President doesn't even have an ID anymore and had his weapons confiscated a long time ago. Which brings into question, "where did you get that gun from in March?" FYI, Joe G resigned from this so called foundation when he found out what scam artists you are. He was begged to come back, only to resign for good 3 months later. He was asked on many occasion to "take over the organization" for Gary W due to Gary's inability to handle the stress.
You see the petty nonsense we are dealing with? Nuff said.

We will gladly see you in court. Oh we have the lie he asked us to sign.
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  • Submitted: 11/08/2010
After looking at these posts its not looking good for the foundation ,if you guys have the lie he asked you to sign put your words into action and post it if not keep ya mouth shut i cannot believe how many people you guys screwed WOW it cant be all these peoples fault this foundation is done every post you guys have an excuse give me a break
  • nyp62
  • Submitted: 11/09/2010
  • nyp62
  • Submitted: 11/09/2010
Do not donate to this foundation, and do not provide services for them. You will NOT get paid!
The members on the so called "board" use the money to pay their own bills and living expenses!
NYP62 We will happily address these false allegations in court anytime you wish.
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  • Submitted: 11/10/2010
You keep saying you will address in court ,no one talked about taking you to court we want you all in JAIL , i find it disturbing that you are a foundation helping police officers from 9/11 located in NY and you cant even go to a ceremony in NY honoring police officers who died from 9/11 injuries ,this ceremony was in your own state ,your own Dept yesterday and to think you guys have enough time to travel to other states to collect money standing on the corner with a bucket for the same cause ,is that because everyone in NY is up on the scam and you guys cant show your faces here ,or is it because there was no money to be made there , just a ceremony honoring the real heros of 9/11 looks to me like its all about the bucks .
We were present at the ceremony as well, and not one person who represents the 911 PAF was present. You are right. If it isn't a forum to get monies, these people are a no show.
We had a commitment in Boston. We were INVITED there long before any other events were posted. That's fine. Disparage us all you want. We stand by our mission and will continue to carry it out.

At no time do the owner and founder accept pay for this work. The BUSINESS which is the Foundation OWES them money, which it will pay back because they use their personal income from their pensions and SSD checks to keep the not for profit BUSINESS afloat. People do not see what they do, and you make this crap up because you are clueless.

Your accusations are petty and they are based on the fact that people are vindictive or just plain out of their minds.

We will not comment here any further. Have at your little personal attempt to discredit us.

We say see us in court, because we are willing to defend these accusations legally and not here in kindergarten court. You want to see us in jail? Bring it on and take us to court.
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  • Submitted: 11/11/2010
OMG first time on this site let me get this straight your commitment in Boston was more important then being at a ceremony honoring your brother and sister officers who you guys supposably worked with and use there photos and names on your posters to gain money for your scam, who gave there lives after 9/11 which your foundation is suppose to be built on , how many Boston police officers died on that day and the days after i did see John Feal who wasnt even a Police officer there representing his foundation who helps more than just police officers shame on you guys raising money in Boston instead of being at a function for the heros of your state,and your dept shut this foundation DOWN NOW i will not rest until you guys are done you guys are afraid to show your faces at functions like that why no money to be made
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  • Submitted: 11/11/2010
OK folks take note on the above post " THIS BUSINESS WHICH IS THE FOUNDATION " they are finally admitting this is nothing but a business please remember that if you ever lose your mind and want to donate to them, remember its a business and in a business you are out to make money like we all been saying this foundation is nothing but a money maker for the board members and there families Attorney General please take note on above post
  • nyp62
  • Submitted: 11/11/2010
The founding president, Mike V., and the running president, Gary W., have both "borrowed" monies from the foundation in excess. They OWE the foundation money. Craig, YOU can spew your lies, but the fact of the matter is that word has gotten out about your "business" and you are now suffering the consequences. The foundation paid your income taxes and pays Diana W, daughter of Gary a "salary" for shuffling paper, or whatever it is her father claims that she does. RIght on OMG for exposing them as a BUSINESS! You beat me to it, but BRAVO! Did the foundation pay for those World Series Tickets you bought?
You should have stayed in NY for 9/11 supporting your NY donors instead of running out of State. YOUR TOUR HAS ENDED!
Hey NYPD 219.. A foundation doesn't have an owner! It has a founder and only a founder. That person may choose to be a president/CEO/executive until elections are held when the founder may LOSE his position, but still remains a founder GENUIS. A foundation under federally approved guidelines MUST maintain and upkeep ALL monthly executive Board meetings with sign in sheets from attending board members. This so called legit foundation that you claim to be a part of and defend with every last breath, will probably have current records from today on for your monthly meetings, as you are now in the limelight with investigators. You do not have accurate records of ALL meetings since 2008.
Your Board member structure constantly changes, which has confirmed all past complaints by previous board members over the years. We have been compiling your lewd statements and the so-called president's lewd statements, along with claims against others. Your voice, speaks for the foundation, which gives the perception that you have been indemnified to do so as per a memo from the president. The advertisement under the mission, along with your statements is FALSE and now has liability. YOU and the powers that be made statements that the foundation is run by retired cops and first responders ONLY. In fact, you may be a claimed first responder, BUT you ARE NOT RETIRED. You violated the mayor's executive order and was administratively separated. Your qualifications of informational services and that of a writer has been UNFOUNDED to date. Your current relationship to the president is in question, as you served as one of his subordinates in the past while on the job. Conduct and behavior is also in question with your leader, who lacks moral family ideologies. He puts business before family issues and condones threats of harm published openly on the internet by his child. He also lacks the respect of another man's wife, while he continues to live in sin because there is no divorce. In closing, Mr. Craig, the more you keep writing in defense of the 911 PAF, the deeper the hole gets. PS, YOUR CHARITY 500 FILING with Albany has ONLY BEEN APPROVED as of 2008, so your direction for public record is unsubstantiated. TIA Brother!
Thanks for affirming this is personal.
THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH-personal or not. You just can't handle the truth, but then again, your life is so filled with lies you wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the face.
  • nyp62
  • Submitted: 11/11/2010
hey paf--looks like this guy knows his stuff. you're going down. Who cares if it's personal. Most things usually are. WHy are you out while the rest of your board members hide? I guess if need be you're their fall guy. Thought you might be a little smarter than that, but I guess not...GENUIS
you know what I find humerous about this entire thing NYPD219? NOT ONE PERSON has come on this site to defend you! You do not have one single supporter willing to stand with you and your "business." That says a lot!
By the way, what is TIA?
The usage of this site is personal and does affirm personal, otherwise you have no business on this post. Remember their are people watching all of you and if valid issues are know a snowball starts to roll and just may back fire in your faces. The following has been and is being checked. If you have skulls in your closet you should have not started a war.....

* Defamation of character toward many past board members who resign.
* Integrity of Fiduciary Responsibility for non profit.
* Violation of own CODE of Ethics as noted on website.
* Violation of unbecoming behavior causing infliction of emotional duress.
* 501©3 government approval in jeopardy by promoting political candidates.
* 501©3 government approval in jeopardy with rules & regulations conducting order (meetings).
* 501©3 government approval in jeopardy with moral obligations.
* Prior common obsolescent‘s are not noted at this time.

Representative - of PAF are in violation of this site usage noted in terms of use as such: You further agree not to add any content to the site that is or may be considered to be defamatory, obscene, pornographic, harassing, indecent, unlawful, damaging, false, or invasive of the privacy of others.

The aforementioned shall not be misconstrued as defamatory, obscene, pornographic, harassing, indecent, unlawful, damaging, false, or invasive of the privacy of others. The intended purpose is for informational awareness of this non profit as well as all nonprofit organizations that take short cuts to their governing rules. The information contained within is non commercial and personal facts compiled.

In addition to the agreed exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States of America, in connection with any dispute arising from or relating to use of this site and/or the above Terms of Use;Preservation of USA Constitution and Civil Rights in the state of New York shall not be waved.
If you have more information on TOM BOUCHER, please contact, the FBI, and the Federal Probation Department in Boston. He is a FAKE NAVY SEAL and has a long history of this behavior.
Tom Boucher is in jail...

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