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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/03/2010
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Dana L. Miller

Dana L. Miller Goes Postal

Centennial, Colorado, 80112

Attention single guys. Beware of this woman. She's currently on

Dated her in the past and broke up. It's been a nightmare ever since. Therapists have claimed she has both a personality and character disorder. She's extremely unstable as you can tell by her behavior. She will stalk you. She has her friends do drive bys of your house, she will do it also. She writes to employers trying to get you fired. She will even contact media sources to ruin your name. She makes up fake ads, profiles and posts your pictures all over the internet. This is one lady you do NOT want to deal with. Clearly she has codependent issues besides being obsessive.

Just trying to warn you before you have to deal with her out of control behavior!

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Dana L. Miller Goes Postal Dana L. Miller Goes Postal


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Bill - You are pathetic. You are just pissed off because we have exposed you for the con artist that you are. You have a criminal record that goes back 25 years that includes embezzlement, larceny, check fraud, multiple DUIs etc. You have abused and stolen from people your entire life. BTW... what you posted here is defamation. You need to be more careful.

Those that want to know the truth read this article...
Oh, poor pathetic, Bill. You have scammed far more women in your life than you could even post on here. Nice try, trying to project the fact that you are a lying, cheating loser onto the women that you scammed...but, the truth always wins...and all you are doing is drawing even more attention to your criminal history. Good luck with that.
Bill Sullivan you are such a big POS!

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