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  • Submitted: 11/03/2010
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Lidia Spaw

Craiglist Poster Child

Denver, Colorado, 80137

Attention single guys. Beware of this woman. She's currently on

Dated this woman. It's been a nightmare ever since. She's from Texas. She's extremely unstable as you can tell by her behavior. She will stalk you. She makes up fake ads, profiles and posts your pictures all over the internet. Sadly, she posts herself on Craigslist and lies about her age and says she's moving to Denver and she's been here for months. She carries a firearm and if you cross her who knows what she will do with it! She's very impressed with high end cars and toys. Keep them away from her!

This is one lady you do NOT want to deal with.

Just trying to warn you before you have to deal with her out of control behavior!

Good luck you've been warned.

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Oh, poor pathetic, Bill. You have scammed far more women in your life than you could even post on here. Nice try, trying to project the fact that you are a lying, cheating loser onto the women that you scammed...but, the truth always wins...and all you are doing is drawing even more attention to your criminal history. Good luck with that.

Read the Westword article about the real scammer behind this post. Much more entertaining AND the truth!
The guy who posted this is a well known con and he is just pis$ed that he has been exposed. Here is a good read on him:
Complete lies from a guy that got busted for his criminal background of financial scams and harassment of women. I am currently dating Lidia and she is a beautiful down to earth professional woman who was unlucky enough to cross paths with this criminal and is still being harrased. Get a life loser and leave these poor women alone! The cops are already on this guy, hope he screws up one more time and then see ya, back to prison where you belong.
Bwahahahahahahaha! I am SOOOO happy someone pointed this little gem out to me. I don't know the original poster, "Bill" as the links claim, but he could be the biggest piece of shit on earth and I would still back him up on any of these claims he has regarding the pathological liar known as Lidia Spaw.

If you're reading this Lidia, and I know you are (Trailrunner, Efcc Office, REALLY?, rkymtnhi, You Lose, whichever is you if not all of them) I thank you on behalf of the City of Houston the entire State of Texas for leaving to spread your poison elsewhere. I feel sorry for Denver and anyone, man or woman, that should cross your path as I'm sure they will feel the same shortly afterwards.

How are your parents? I hope they are doing well, or have they "died"......AGAIN?
And speaking of death and dying, what about you? Have you "attempted" any "suicides" again recently? I bet you have you silly little attention whore, I bet you have....

To quote Mr. Anonymous AKA Bill:

"This is one lady you do NOT want to deal with.

Just trying to warn you before you have to deal with her out of control behavior!

Good luck you've been warned. "

I guarantee this to be true.
Whatever this guy is going through with Lidia, I completely believe it! I knew Lidia personally in Houston and she has been unstable for a long time. She left Houston because she burned every single bridge she ever crossed here and made many enemies.
One of the worst things she ever did was that she once told everyone that both her parents died within a couple days of each other. What she didn't realize, is that she used that lie several times the previous years. This particular time though, she had the nerve to borrow almost $1000 from a now former friend so she could bury both her parents. I'm not sure, but I don't believe she ever paid the money back. Besides that, her father, who is very alive, is a very wealthy partner in a large construction firm. He wouldn't need help from his estranged daughter for a $1000 burial.
A few other Lidia episodes include the time she hit a guy she was with in the head with a margarita glass, cutting him up pretty badly. Another time, she made such a scene in a restaurant when she flipped out on some guy, the waitress had to literally drag Lidia outside by her hair, to the applause of the whole restaurant. Normal people don't do things like these.
I could go on and on with more Lidia episodes. She's left quite a path of alienated former friends behind. I have a strong suspicion that the statements made above allegedly by others on Lidia's behalf are actually Lidia herself, posing as other people. She's done that before. A couple years ago, she created some phony email addresses and sent her ex-boyfriend, who had just dumped her, many messages that looked like some of her friends were telling him he should take her back. He wisely declined.
Lidia is completely untrustworthy and very unstable. The thought of her with a gun is frightening, but she does have one. Everything I've stated above about her is completely true and well known by many people in Houston who knew her and once called her a friend. She needs serious help but none of us think she realizes it. Until she gets help, stay away! Stay far far away!!
Doug York...cote449...I so agree with everything you've said. The faked suicide attempts, the scamming of money, the lying about the deaths of her parents, and thankfulness on behalf of all those still residing in TX, that she is gone...all true! And, yes, I also feel very confident that Trailrunner, Efcc Office, REALLY?, rkymtnhi, & You Lose are all most probably Lidia herself. If not, then Trailrunner...consider yourself warned; go ahead and bookmark this site; and we'll be waiting for your future updates on how you wish you would have listened!

The girl is 100% psycho. And, unfortunately, in the maniputative, self-absorbed, violent, pathological liar sort of way. I mean, if she was just bonkers and had no grasp of reality, it would be different. But no, she is absolutely unphased by any harm, hurt, or chaos her lies and actions cause to others. As long as it gets her the money, attention, blah, blah, blah that SHE wants...all is well in her world. And, apparently, when she's exhausted all kind hearts and hands in one area, she just moves on to locust.

Lidia considered me one of her best friends. At least, that's what she told everyone around her, everyone on Facebook, and everyone she seemed to meet. I have no idea why. I don't even recall meeting the girl until one night a few years AFTER she had apparently considered me her #1 pal. But whatever. So, I was privy to many...and I mean MANY...of her breakdowns, schemes, lies, etc. One thing that I always took note of, was one thing SHE was very proud of...her ability to get men to do things for her, buy things for her, etc. She'd put on the charm, and if that didn't work, she'd downright belittle them into it. It was pretty crazy to behold. And it was ALWAYS necessary for her to be the center of attention. Now, I like attention too, but not to this degree. I've literally sat back and watched her try to gain a crowd's attention through stories and talk, then resort to vulgar actions, and if all else fails, either violence or tears-for-pity. Again, quite the theatrics to behold.

When the man she'd been claiming she was going to marry broke up with her, she began a string of fake suicide warnings and attempts. The 1st one involved threatening to jump off the roof of his house. A mutual friend called me saying Lidia had just threatened to jump! All this just happened to correspond to her ex-boyfriend and some of their mutual friends going to a birthday party she was no longer welcome at. I called Lidia, told her to quit trying to ruin everyone's day, said she was being selfish, and that I knew damn well she wasn't really going to jump. I told her to cut it out! So, she quit throwing her fit, quit calling everyone threatening, and just pouted over a few bottles of wine the rest of the day. Her bluff was called. So, I guess she figured her next suicide charade should at least involve SOME action on her part. She decided to call a few MALE friends one night, crying and desperately wanting sympathy and understanding for why she'd told all those people the lies about her parents' deaths. Then she pulled the suicide card out again, said she was going to kill herself, and proceeded to tell the man she was on the phone with where she was and that she was now going to take pills! Well, of course, he called 911...just as she had planned. Knowing her...she probably didn't even pop the pills until she heard the know, just in case.

She scammed money, time, affection, sympathy, and anything else that would benefit her, from anyone and everyone in her path. At least, she did in the years I knew her. And I doubt that the years prior or since have changed much.

I wonder how her parents feel about being accused of beating her and burning her with cigarettes as a child. Or stealing from her as an adult. And how surprised they must have been to learn that so many were mourning their deaths due to cancer and a sudden heart attack. Bless their hearts. I used to ask Lidia why in the world she even cared or tried to make contact with them. And I could never understand why THEY were the ones supposedly refusing any contact with HER. Well, with the truth, came clarity on THAT subject.

Well, I've wasted enough of my time on Lidia. But if this helps anyone else avoid her traps, then I'm glad I put my two cents in.

BTW...if anyone on here (now or future) doesn't believe these stories to be true, and decides to continue to associate with her...just remember that you've been warned. And please feel free to send me the $500 Lidia still owes me. =)
Exact DITTO of SandraG's post with the exception that she doesn't owe me any money!
To those who think it's their right to post a smear campaign about "anyone" to bolster their own image, I believe it is illegal in most States and it's called cyber-bullying. I know of Lidia and what I do know is that she doesn't deserve to have you air her dirty laundry for the world to read. I'm sure if I dug into your past, that I would find that you are not PERFECT and a bit insecure to post such aweful things about someone, even if they are true.

Pretty Pathetic and I hope your parents are proud of your bullying!!
Cyberbullying huh?

Per the National Conference of State Legislatures:
"Cyberbullying is used for electronic harassment or bullying among minors within a school context. Recent cyberbullying legislation reflects a trend of making school districts the policy enforcers of such misconduct. As a result, statutes establish the infrastructure for schools to handle this issue by amending existing school anti-bullying policies to include cyberbullying or electronic harassment among school age children. The majority of these state laws establish sanctions for all forms of cyberbullying on school property, school busses and official school functions. However, some have also extended sanctions to include cyberbullying activities that originate off-campus, believing that activities off-campus can have a chilling and disruptive effect on children's learning environment. The sanctions for cyberbullying range from school/parent interventions to misdemeanors and felonies with detention, suspension, and expulsion in between. Some of these laws promote Internet safety education or curricula that covers cyberbullying."

Hmmmm....I think we're safe.

Oh, and it doesn't fall under cyberstalking or cyberharassment either in case you were gonna try to find another cyber-law being violated. Thanks for playing.

Oh poor pathetic Lidia. Oops, I mean GR8GRL4U, whom I'm sure is someone else completely and not Lidia posing as someone else. What you must learn is the difference between "cyberbullying", as you tried to pass it off, and the factual posting of actual past events. Many people in Houston are very aware of all the above events having actually happened, meaning there is no cybercrime occuring here, just the sharing of information. The fact that you, I mean Lidia, doesn't like the nature of this information is irrelevant. The time to consider that was when you, I mean Lidia, was living all these events.
As for nobody else being perfect, no kidding. Nobody else claimed to be. The big difference is that I don't know of anyone else who went to the malicious and deceitful extent that you, I mean Lidia did time after time to accomplish such underhanded goals. Many people in Houston gave you, I mean Lidia, a second, third, then even a fourth chance after you burned bridges over and over again. You, I mean Lidia, never failed to repeatedly disappoint with your lies, manipulation, and bad intentions.
"Dirty laundry", as you call it, is something you, I mean Lidia, passed a million miles ago. Dirty laundry is making a mistake, or having an embarrassing moment. What we're talking about here is a person with very bad intentions who is willing to go to extreme evil measures to get what she wants, at the expense of anyone around her. Well Lidia, don't get upset with anyone for finally having enough of you and your ways and making them public. Be upset with yourself and take accountability for what you've done. You created all this by acting as you have for so long. Many of us thought it was inevitable that these things would come to light, and now they have.
Nope, it wasn't Lidia who posted... my name is Sam or Sammy. You can email me directly via the site and I will prove to you this isn't Lidia.

Like I said, I have never "met" Lidia and I only "know" of her. I could care less about your pointless attempt to prove me wrong. I just wanted to put it out in the Universe that what goes around comes around. I'm sure someone has "dirt" on you and would love to smear your name across this site. Because any girl or guy who is as intelligent as yourself wouldn't be waisting their time writing such fowl things about another human being, true or not. Get a life..... Lidia has.
People...please. Let's not belittle this site with a pissing contest that takes the focus away from the criminals and scam artists that this site was created to warn others about.

GR8GRL4U: 1) Be thankful that you DON'T know her. And I mean that sincerely, not sarcastically. 2) Since you DON'T know her, butt out. You have no worthwhile knowledge to share here, and I don't even understand why you've bothered to speak up. 3) This site is set up to share information and warnings to others, from people who weren't lucky enough to be warned beforehand about the criminals and scam artists that walk among us. It is not a form of cyberbullying, defamation of character, or any other term you may have learn watching Law and Order on your TV. 4) This woman has taken THOUSANDS of dollars from people I KNOW. (Notice the difference between ME "knowing" and YOU having "never met"??)

Again, I hope that this site and its information helps future targets that, otherwise, might be scammed by Lidia Spaw.

I have used my real name on this site so that She, and anyone else, knows who has made these posts. And I have offered my contact information and any assistance with law enforcements, etc. in getting this menace off the streets. I encourage others to do the same.

Thank you.
Your name is Sam or Sammy? Well, I hope you find out which one it is. Very touching response, but it made me chuckle.
First, you've never "met" Lidia, well I have. Sadly, that led to me "knowing" her. Neither was a positive experience.
Second, I really like that line you wrote about "what goes around comes around". How originally profound on your part. Did it ever strike you that the very fortune cookie wisdom you quoted may be applying itself to Lidia right now? Any girl or guy who is as intelligent as yourself surely considered such a possibility.
Third, all the things written about Lidia are factual and there are many people who can attest to that. Since you consider these things "fowl", what does that say about the stranger you're defending who did them? Say hi to Lidia, but check your wallet after.
Oh, and I almost forgot Sam, or Sammy, or both of you - I assume since you make a habit of defending people you don't "know", that you'll lecture trailrunner, Efcc Office, REALLY?, You Lose and rkymtnhi for the things they wrote about this Bill character, right? All those people said some "fowl" things about him. I'd hate to think an intelligent person like yourself would be a hypocrit.
WOW Billy boy - looks like you are all over ... who is next? Let me search my name hahaha!

Here - new glam shots of Billy boy!
I'm also from houston and knew lidia. All the lies and scams are true. I was also told the parental abuse stories and that they were dead. They are not. Very glad she's gone. Denver can have her. Please keep her!!!!!
lol yall sound like a bunch of high school bitches...crying about what she did or didnt do and who got played for pocket change....really? ...lidia u should b flatterd these losers make time to think of u. Everyones real big sht behind a key board and screen..If you got got than you got got get over it and move around.
This is one very crazy woman. Quite sad actually. Still looking for attention in all the wrong places. Recently got a DUI stalking someone who hasn't spoken to her in over a year. GIVE IT UP LIDIA.
Geeze Louise. It's true: some things never change. FYI, the bitch still owes me $500. Anyone here know her current whereabouts or phone number? I'd love to remind her.
Lidia lives in Denver. At one point she changed her name to Lidia Muniz, and now she is married and her name is Lidia Spaw Hassell. Her # is 303 304-7867

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