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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/03/2010
  • Severity: 10

Richard Vaughan

Army Romance Scam

unknown, California

This is an International scam Richard is most likley a stolen identity from a army soldier this scam is a romance scam i was scammed by these people using the name and his so called son Henry Vaughan, Starting a freindship on free dating site, then taliking you into going off the site to personal , email and chat they then con you in to believeing they are ovre seas at war, this scam is now posted in army web sit and other romance scam sights and my story is pretty much the same, He started with romance and love you way to soon , so wait and see but that makes it worse that is when he began with send sit com money to talk, lie army says not needed i said no at first then they keep it up , then his kid needs help, wants 500 dollars, No i wil not send then they keep it up and I end up sending 200 to london, then they go on with marriage love i did not believe him but that made him convince me that he can come for vacation, that is part of the scam, so i said ok prove you are real then they start the process , the lies you have to put in for my leave you need to talk to my commander fake email address and that is not how army go's about leave then the fake form, then , the travel agent saying you have to pay that is not how army do's it though they have loans for that , I said no , but they wil not stop intell you stop this went on can not get that much money , you where supposed to come here to prove you are real not me paying more money, i wil pay you back , then next emeregecny, or something, he kept calling, kept emailing , and my friend showed me the romance scam but it was too late i let him no i knew and no more contact and then here he comes again i love , then where are and my money , so something, else i have repoted to Internet Crime complaint and have been trying to file report on this scam that is from third world countrys targeting woman with lies about how they are and that they are millitary personal and the lies of army regulations to get money from you I sent 2,600 and he called with acsent from god knows where but not american or british i have left out lots of details, i posted more detailed of my story which is the same as all the others just want people to know and he is still using this name , stay off free dating sites that is there target and those sites do nothing about it if you try to complain


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