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XM Radio Scam

anywhere, Florida

I bought a new car in May of last year and got 3 free months of XM radio. I never signed any contract to have XM and didn't plan on using it after the 3 months. About a year passed by and I received an invoice for the service, but since I never signed a contract stating I wanted the service in the first place, I threw it out. I continued to receive invoices from XM, but I kept throwing them out.

Finally, a collection agency called me in attempt to collect the money for the year of service I never signed for! I called XM and spoke to a women with broken English from India. She explained they had no contract from me, but they still had the right to collect. How does this make ANY sense? You can't charge someone for a service they never received or signed a contract or receipt for. The women said she would cancel the service and stop the collection calls.

About a week later, i still received the collection calls and I spoke to XM once more. This time I wasn't nice. I made sure to let the people have an extreme does of Anger. They said that the last representative I spoke too didn't put the charge through properly! This enraged me to the point where i spoke to a manager and she credited my account. I'm still waiting for this to be completely over with.

Bottom Line...This company is full of crap! They will scam you! My credit took a hit b/c of this crappy company. Do not buy their service.


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What kind of car was it?

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