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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/31/2010
  • Severity: 10

Laura Johnson

Bogus Millionare Inheritance

City of Bell, California

It's a Lagos,Nigeria scam. A sophisticated network that uses email. To open fraudulent profiles on dating sites like By using stolen photos of attractive white females as bait. The ploy is to lure you into a conversation via the dating site. Then into a Yahoo IM chit-chat that may last several weeks. Prior to making a request for money to help pay for expenses in collecting the nonexsisting inheritance. In this case, from a deceased English dad. Who's divorced from her Mom. She claims to be 28yrs.old. blonde female.

Laura Johnson would try to endear herself to you. By sending a few more photos via Yahoo IM. And telling you she went to school in the City of Bell, CA. and USC. In fact, Bell High, has NO record of a Laura Johnson ever being a student there. The same goes for the claim of being a past USC graduate.

Likewise, in this SCAM, Laura would be so in love with you. She wants her bogus lawyer the Executor of the inheritance. To add you to the inheritance document as an additonal benefactor. Whereby you have to sign a phoney document. Which will then make you liable for any bogus socalled fees/expenses thought up by the Nigerian scammers. The amount I was hit up for was 500 UK pounds. It was supposedly to cover her flight back to L.A. The amount by the way, won't even cover half the price of a 1-way tix from London.

Anyhow, to make a long story short. The initial yahoo email contact you get from Laura Johnson. Will have, if you check the received from IP address in the email HEADER. The email point of origin to be from Lagos,Nigeria, The company they are using for this FRAUD is called " Multi-Links Telecom Limited ".

Anyhow, other yahoo emails after this, will be routed to you by a Nigerian in the US. Who has opened a Yahoo account. So it will show a verified Yahoo users moniker in the Yahoo email. Which is completely fraudulent. These Nigerians will be the ones doing the day to day chats with their potential victim.

Basically, it's quick to pick-up on this fraud. If you ask the right questions. And don't get yourself emotionally hooked by what they tell you etc.

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Bogus Millionare Inheritance Bogus Millionare Inheritance Bogus Millionare Inheritance Bogus Millionare Inheritance


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