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Debt Plus Financial

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Hallandale, Fort Lauderdale,Jupiter, Fla, Florida

Company was in Fort Lauderdale then moved to Hallandale Beach without notifying me. After several months there, they moved out to who knows where. Their phones were still on so they looked like they were still in business. They were still taking my $289 per month, and the president of the company told me on the phone that of course they were still in business. I knew they weren't because I had someone go to their office and go in. There was old mail on the floor, computer screens and a fax still there but no computer main frames, all desks cleaned out ,two phones still taking messages,etc. They had the rent paid in advance and the manager of the building had no idea they were gone. I feel they may have been gone for as much as a month or two. No one had answered the phone at the office for me for over a month. The president who I got on cell phone kept the scam going until I called him on it and told him I had someone go to the office. I am in Boston. He has not called me back, I am waiting for the police report to come back in the mail now. They never sent letters to my creditors in 9 months to stop the annoying calls. My credit has gone to the very bottom, over $2000 lost.

Stay away from Dept Plus Financial!


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