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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/05/2011
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Margarita Brodski / Yakovleva

Looking for a Stupid One..

Sacramento, California, 95834

Well, ill have to tell this story in two parts, the reason i feel this needs to be told, is simply, 9 months of my life was wasted on a evil girl that uses her looks, and wit to charm her way into your life and i fit the perfect profile. ok i met her in a massage parlor yes, i know what your thinking, and its a little different than that! i didn't get a massage with happy ending, in fact i thought i had found the only girl in the biz that didn't do that. well , this all started by her telling me she found a 'stupid one' on the internet to marry to come here from the Ukraine. i found out she was on welfare , with full benefits, and on a good week bringing home a grand a week. ok so im the one who falls in love, and trust me its not from the sex! i rarely got any , there were many factors, i have no family but a son i never got close to. her son is special needs, and i still have a big hurt in my heart missing him! she used every possible weakness of mine, to use against me. i was to break up with her when i caught her lies , so she calls and tells me shes pregnant! just yesterday she finally tells me, i will love you like you want if you buy new house and car and clothes, i would receive the love i wanted! wow, i gave back my demands for love, they included no more men for money no more lies and complete commitment to me, only me, and son Daniel. that was im sure our last talk. ill give the best part next, it gets better, stay tuned. thank you


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it has been verified by her she was a prostitute for two yrs, in russia, she also slipped and told me enough to proove the check i seen and the date match , she was whoring while we were together! no doubt thew the right channels and enough cash, hell for a house and new car you can keep her!

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