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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/17/2015
  • Severity: 10

Charles Husey

Charles Husey advertises cars on CL, takes money, then junks cars and won't return money!

Pompano Beach, Florida

I paid $200 to a man named Charles Husey out of Pompano Beach as a down payment for a vehicle he advertised on Craigslist for parts. My daughter's vehicle suffered a major malfunction due to factory recall issues that the dealer and maker refused to cover, leaving us to fix on our own. In speaking with Charles by phone, the calls which were recorded through an app on my cell phone, I explained my financial situation in that it would take everything we had to be able to pay for the parts vehicle, and in order to have the vehicle transported, we had to wait on a military gentleman who had access to an auto trailer to finish his training duty at the base. I explained to him that this could take several weeks, and he expressed his understanding without any issue. He texted me his bank account info and I deposited the money directly, sending him a photo of the deposit slip and receipt, and he replied confirming that he saw the money in his account and would hold the vehicle. About 3-4 weeks later, I called to check on a potential date to arrange for pick up, but never received a return call. This continued for an additional week until he finally answered, stating he was in the middle of an auction and would call back later. He didn't, and did not answer for another several days until he finally told me that he "thought we were gone" and had junked the vehicle. When I asked him to then return my money, he said he would have to talk to his father, claiming it was now his father's bank account I'd put the money into, and that he would call me back to let me know, which again he didn't. I texted him again today asking him to return my money and he has now claimed that they have a 30 day hold policy and he is not obligated to return anything. I confronted him with his own text messages and phone conversations where he never once mentions that it would be an issue holding the truck until the trailer could pick it up, as well as the fact that he never once disclosed or made any attempt in good faith to contact us if indeed his 30 day policy was true. He claims the law supports him in his actions. He knew how desperately we needed to fix our vehicle and still took advantage. Don't let this scammer take advantage of you, too!


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