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Margarita Brodski / Yakovleva

I Wasnt a Stupid One

Sacramento, California, 95834

part two/ i was going to buy a house in sac , I'm a country boy, i tried to buy her a car two different occupations, after she stole the apt. key off my key chain in the middle of the night i started to look for answers. she would not tell me the truth. i asked her repeatedly, i begged her to tell me, every time she would look me in the eye and lie, i seen a check from her work for 750.00 . she works for cash! so welfare doesn't no how much she makes. when i got her drunk this x-mas , she spilled the beans , she confessed she was a prostitute in turkey and Russia for 2 yrs. her repeated comment to me will echo forever, she stated"I LIKED IT , THE WORST PART? I LIKED IT" i told her i didn't care about what she did before i met her. and i didn't i would have been able to love her forever if she would have just told me the truth, three days ago via email she told me her price for her loved, new house,car and clothes, that was her price. i wonder how much just for the night? and with that life of margarita love do i have to pay for my own aids test?? I'm writing this in hopes the next sucker has a chance to no . just ask her how many men is she friends with benefits in her phone?? i swear under penalty of perjury in gods name all of the above is true ,


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to the new boyfreind, just think how many men she has slept with, in two years of prostitution, she told me she used lemon juice on her hole, i guess it got loose? i repeat, she stated she liked it.......

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