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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/22/2015
  • Severity: 10

Associates in Clinical Therapy

Horrible Doctors and Staff!

Calabassas, California

The WORST place to go for help. Stay AWAY from this place. I went here for help and healing with the psychologists and I had the worst experience. The receptionist/owner Kathy is a phony sweet woman who cares NOTHING about the patients. And the doctors, Dr. Kovelman, Dr. Shaeffer, Dr.Brickland, and the other so called therapists are a bunch of arrogant sociopaths who care NOTHING, as well. I initially was assigned Dr, Joyce Kovelman. That was a terrible experience. She actually told me that, due to my issue, she did NOT want to see me. WAIT. That's why we go there, because of our issues and to get therapy. And my issue is very common and rather mild compared to others. Wow. So I explained this to Kathy and I asked for a different therapist. Kathy had the audacity to say Wee that's just Too Bad, Because We Cater To The Egos Of Our Doctors, So Youll Have To Make Sure Dr Kovelman Is Okay With You Seeing A Different Doctor. Woah. So I need help but I MUST spend extra time catering to the ego of your doctors before I am granted any help. She was nothing but rude and argumentative. When I personally called and left a polite message for another doctor, Dr. Shaeffer, I was rudely disregarded. I never received any response. This place is unreal. People end up with more pain and trauma than when they walked in. SKIP this place of illness and mess.


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