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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 11/28/2015
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Derek S Moore


Ottawa, ON

Beware of this man - attractive, perfect teeth, brunette, around 6'7-6'11, big nose from side profile. He is a romantic, a CON ARTIST a compulsive LIAR and a FRAUD!
He is 31 years old, looks much younger than his age and will tell women he is younger than he actually is! He is a paralegal, however has lied about his profession in the past so could tell you he works as anything else. He is the youngest of 4. Lies about anything as little as what he gets up to in the day to his mum having cancer. Will try SCAM you for VISAS, MONEY, A PLACE TO STAY and anything else he can get his hands on! BEWARE.

If it ever seems like it's too good to be true, IT IS.
He will rob you emotionally, financially and blame you for his deceitful ways.

Tell signs that you've stumbled across this man;

- he cconstantly brags about how young he looks
- when he provides more detail that what is asked and what is expected as a response from a normal person
- you catch him lying over trivial things
- he talks himself up
- loves good deals more than the average person: flights/accommodation/food/spas
- laughs obnoxiously to be heard
- always opens doors for women
- have multiple girls on the go who he will tell you are just friends
- always pays via credit card to obtain points and expects yout purchases to go towards him earning points
- doesn't own a car
- if romantically linked, will tell you everything he thinks you want to hear but things will move quickly from courting to relationship to talks of the future and visas required


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Who Scammed You Commenter
I believe that Teresa Violet Arasheben posted this false defamatory post about this person. She has done this to several people across this site. She has done it to me as well. She uses the same language "aka" and claims everyone are sociopaths, psychopaths, child predators, scammers, phony, frauds, liars, and so on. Teresa also uses the names Kathy, Tressa Arasheben, Terry Smith, Terry Raven, Terry Arasheben, and I am sure there are more. Be weary of anything posted in similar fashions as this one. She makes huge claims, but she never has any evidence to back anything up. However, if you look her name up on google and find her case numbers of all of the court cases she's been involved in, you'll see very quickly why she is doing this to people. She's been doing this as far back as 2012 to people from what I can see. I encountered her in 2017 for a short period of time before she went to prison for 2 years and then she started back up in Dec 2019. Hasn't stopped since. Until Teresa starts to post FACTUAL things with EVIDENCE, we should all take everything she posts about people with a very small grain of salt.

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