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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/02/2015
  • Severity: 10

Doctor James L. Schaefer, PsyD

Sexual Predator

Calabassas, California

Beware of a psychologist by the name of Doctor James L. Schaefer, License 16197, at Associates in Clinical Psychology in Calabassas, California.
Doctor James L. Schaefer is a dangerous, sleazy sexual predator who gets sexually involved with his patients and causes them more trauma than any rapist.
Doctor James L. Schaefer is an unethical rat who cares NOTHING about helping any person and only cares about his own bottom line and personal gratification.
He is a toxic sociopath who passed his exams and became a so-called psychologist by cheating on his exams and paying off authorities.
Doctor James L. Schaefer is a toxic seual deviant and a sicko.
Do not go Associates in Clinical Psychology for your therapuetic needs or those of a loved one or even a friend, because the group of psychologists at this repulsive place, Associates in Clinical Psychology, are a group of psychopaths who only want to glorify themselves at the cost of the potential patients. They are an uncaring group of monsters and don NOT give a rat's asse about therapy or help or healing for anyone who walks through their doors.
Just read their Yelp reviews and Google Plus reviews and you'll see just how horrible they really are.


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