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  • Submitted: 01/07/2011
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Tandra Banks aka Tannyb

Christmas Gift Scam

Cyclone, Pennsylvania

heres some of the sites that she has gone to and posted for christmas presents for her "adopted" kids also if she doesnt have money,then why is she listing auctions for gift cards that she has ?
mydawgbear TannyB
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mydawgbear TannyB
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mydawgbear TannyB
Wish Upon a Hero - I wish Help with a friends 6 yr old little girl… via @AddThis
@mydawgbear TannyB
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@mydawgbear TannyB
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this one is for a neighbor hood friend but when go click on the donate it takes you to her paypal account not her friends.
My friend has a beautiful 6 yr old daughter with severe ADHD that will not be having a Christmas this year.
Her mother is no longer in the picture, and he has absolutely no family.
He is in disability and has had to recently move. All of his money has had to go to security deposits and getting ulilities turned on.
To top things off, his car needs new brakes and rotors and the poor man now has to have surgery on Dec. 3rd.
He has missed the deadlines for the Salvation Armys Chritsmas gift boxes and they arent accepting any more people. I've contacted the Red Cross, but they couldn't help either.
I've done everything I can think of to help him. I've made phone calls, reached out to different organizations, etc.
Now, I am asking for your help, please.
I am getting his little girl a couple of things, but I just cant do it all on my own. I have a family of my own to get for and as all of you know, money is scarce.
I'm asking that if anyone can send this sweet little angel a gift, it would be so appreciated.
No 6 yr old should have to go without a Christmas.
She likes Barbies, crafting items, just your normal girly girl things.
She wears a size 5T-6 pants and a 6x top. She really needs a new pair of winter boots she takes a size 13.
Please, if you could help me, help her, I would be ever so grateful.
Thank you for reading my with and have a Blessed Holiday Season
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* I WISH: Help with a friends 6 yr old little girl
Granted On: Nov-30-2010
* I WISH: Christmas gifts for my 2 grandchildren
Granted On: Dec-10-2009
* I WISH: help with food for my daughter and her family
Granted On: Dec-4-2009
* I WISH: I could give my 5 year old grandaughter a decent Christmas
Granted On: Dec-5-2009
shes a fraud Dont trust or believe her stay away from her.

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Christmas Gift Scam


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