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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 12/03/2015
  • Severity: 10

Michael James

Scam about millions of dollars for you but you have to pay some money to help

New York, New York

This scumbag says he is Michael James, New York. His skype name is mjames147. He has scammed me of £26,000 life savings and i am posting this to stop him doing it to any other vunerable women like myself. If he contacts you whatever you do ignore every word he says and delete him. Do not trust him as all he wants is your hard earned cash. He is very clever telling you he loves you and will buy you diamond ring and marry you, buy you whatever you want!! He will say he has money but needs money to get it released or to clean ink from the money. He even gave me $500 which turned out to be real but he can afford that if he is getting £26,000 off you like he did to me. So whatever you do do not send him a penny or you will get scammed just like i did. He even sent me flowers and gifts for over 2 years saying we will be together one day, yeah right like that happened. He is infact a Nigerian citizen called Philip Okonkwo, which he told me was a colleague of his i needed to send money to to get his money released. I have have since been told he is part of an organised crime gang worldwide who all work together, even real solicitors, bullion companies the lot, even people in high places to do with law !!! The picture is probably not even him to be honest but ive uploaded it just incase he uses the same one with other intended victims. So PLEASE do not fall victim to this scumbag like i did.


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