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Think Money

Worse Bank Ever

Manchester, LTH

I had been using Think Money for several years and not really had any serious issues until I received a fairly large payment of over £7,000. It was instantly withheld and I could not access it in any way. I couldn't transfer it nor could it be used against any bills.

I had a phone call from Think Money to ask the reason for the credit which I explained and he was satisfied and said I would receive a text later that day. No text arrived and the following day they blocked my online access without any warning whatsoever! I've tried phoning them with at least an hour's wait each time and they claim that "several customers' accounts have been temporarily blocked and it will be resolved in the next 2 to 3 days". A bit of a coincidence after received a large payment!

My account is still blocked and I have no access to my £7,000. I am now having to take this to the Banking Ombudsmen to get my money returned.



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